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ROTIPHORESE®Sequencing gel concentrate, 1 l

ROTIPHORESE® 25 % solution (19:1), ready-to-use, gas-stabilized
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Sequencing gel solutions, Gel solution
Density (D) 1,14 g/cm³
Boiling point (bp) 100 °C
Storage temp. +4 to +15 °C

Aqueous acrylamide and bisacrylamide stock solution at a ratio of 19:1 for preparation of sequencing gels of 0-20 % acrylamide.
One liter is sufficient for 70 gels of 6 % (30 x 40 cm). Cross linking 5.

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Art. No. 3043.1

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Product details

  • For preparation of 4-20 % sequencing gels
  • Most simple handling of three optimised ready-to-use solutions
  • No tedious dissolving of urea
  • Prevents acrylamide dusts
  • Reproducible, superior quality of gels
  • In tried-and-tested ROTIPHORESE® quality

Convenient set containing three ready-made solutions for easy and fast casting of sequencing gels. Solutions are produced in ROTIPHORESE® quality and are perfectly matched - providing superior, reproducible quality and high sequence resolution.
In addition, the ROTIPHORESE®Sequencing system allows flexible adaptation to the desired gel variant, so that the amount of urea can be varied in addition to the acrylamide concentration. By using the ROTIPHORESE®Sequencing gel buffer concentrate and ROTIPHORESE®Sequencing gel diluent contained in the set, gels with 50 % urea content are obtained. By adding defined quantities of ROTIPHORESE®10x TBE buffer or water, the urea content can be reduced to up to 40 %.

Directions for use

Handling is most simple: Measure and mix certain amounts of all three components, add APS and TEMED, and cast the gel. We recommend using the Carl ROTH sequencing electrophoresis chamber (Art. no. AE28).

ROTIPHORESE®Sequencing gel concentrate ROTIPHORESE® 25 % solution (19:1), ready-to-use, gas-stabilized

Ready-to-use, stabilised solution of 25 % acrylamide/bisacrylamide 19:1.
For the preparation of polyacrylamide sequencing gels containing 0-20 % monomer; 23,75 % acrylamide,1,25 % methylene bisacrylamide and 40-50 % urea (6,7-8,3 M).

Cross linking 5.

Also part of the ROTIPHORESE®DNA sequencing system (Art. No. A431.1).

ROTIPHORESE®Sequencing gel concentrate
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Downloads / MSDS

General information

Acrylamide ia a strong nerve poison which has clearly proved to be carcinogenic and to change the genetic make-up during animal testing. Acrylamide is resorbed primarily through the skin. The formation of dust when working with the solid matter is particularly critical. A hazard which can be easily avoided by using the ROTIPHORESE® ready-to-use solution.

Superior quality
ROTIPHORESE® Acrylamide and -Bisacrylamide solutions from Carl ROTH have the highest purity level. They are produced from substances free from acrylic acid. Oxidation products are removed from the solution by a selective absorption process. A new formation of such and/or polymerisation of the solution is prevented by gaseous stabilisation of the solution.
In order to guarantee a high consistency of our ROTIPHORESE®-solutions, each batch undergoes electrophoretic testing.

The right choice for each and every application
The large variety of different ROTIPHORESE® solutions provides you with the right product for each and every application. ROTIPHORESE® gel solution may be used both in protein and nucleic acid electrophoresis. ROTIPHORESE® ready-to-use solutions for manual sequencing facilitate the preparation of sequencing gels of a constant high quality - also suitable for automatic sequencers.

ROTIPHORESE®Gel 30 and Gel 40 are ready-to-use, gas-stabilised acrylamide solutions with different concentrations and with different ratios of acrylamide to bisacrylamide. ROTIPHORESE® ready-to-use solutions can be used directly.

Recommendation for Use of ROTIPHORESE® Ready-Made Gel Solutions

Analysis of Gel solution Art. No.
Proteins/peptides >15 kDa, DNA fragments Gel 30 (37,5:1) 3029.1
Gel 40 (37,5:1) T802.1
Proteins/peptides <30 kDa and DNA oligonucleotides Gel 40 (29:1) A515.1
DNA sequences (manual sequencing) ROTIPHORESE®DNA sequencing system A431.1
Gel 40 (19:1) 3030.1
DNA sequences (short-run automat. sequencing) NF solution 40 % (19:1) A516.1
DNA sequences (long-run automat. sequencing) NF solution 30 % (29:1) A124.1
NF solution 40 % (29:1) A121.1

Certificates of Analysis

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The following analysis certificates have been found:


Acrylamide237,5 g
Methylenebisacrylamide12,5 g
Urea500 g
per 1 l., 23.75 % acrylamide., 1.25 % methylene bisacrylamide., 50 % urea., distilled, deionized water., Remark: The product may crystallise. Can be redissolved by heating (max. 40 °C).