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Pipette bulb, 2 ml, Suitable for: Pasteur pipettes

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Material: silicone. Autoclavable: yes.
Suitable for

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Art. No. C530.1

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Product details

Material: silicone. Autoclavable: yes.

Pipette bulb 

Technical Information
Version manually 
Vol. 2 ml
Suitable for Pasteur pipettes 
Ø Hole 6 mm
Pipette bulb
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Art. No. Vol. Suitable for Version Pack Qty. Price Quantity
C529.1 1 ml Pasteur pipettes Manual 10 unit(s)


C530.1 2 ml Pasteur pipettes Manual 5 unit(s)


C531.1 5 ml Graduated/volumetric pipettes up to 5 ml Manual 5 unit(s)


C532.1 10 ml Graduated/volumetric pipettes up to 10 ml Manual 5 unit(s)


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