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Filter tips 0.1–1 μl, Standard, refill unit (palletised), 960 unit(s), Non-sterile

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Material: PP with PE filter. Autoclavable: yes. Non-sterile
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Art. No. ALY9.1

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Product details

Material: PP with PE filter. Autoclavable: yes. Non-sterile

  • With aerosol filter
  • High quality PP types, free from DiHEMDA and oleamide
  • Produced in a cleanroom environment, automatically palletised and packaged
  • Produced without plasticizer, cadmium-free colour pigments
  • Free of DNA, RNase, endotoxins and ATP
  • Sterile tips incl. BIO-CERT®-grade packaging: sterile according to ISO 11137 and AAMI guidelines, an SAL of 10-6 is guaranteed, with certificate

Filter tips

Non-self sealing filter tips by Brand have a PE filter that is free from chemical additives. The combination of pore diameter and filter length prevents the passage of aerosols to the tip shaft. The filter reliably serves this function. On the other hand, a liquid can pass very slowly should it accidentally come into contact with the filter. Since the filter does not swell, the sample can be recovered from the filter by simply actuating the pipette's blowout function, or by centrifugation if necessary. This is a major advantage when working with valuable samples. An added advantage is that the sample is protected from contamination as the filter contains no additives!

Filter tips 0.1–1 μl 

Specially designed for nanoscale applications. Suitable for ROTH, BRAND, Eppendorf, Gilson, Finnpipette®, Sartorius.

Not a medical device / Not an IVD product
Technical Information
Volume 0.1 to 1 µl
Version Standard 
Colour colourless 
Length 37 mm
Sterility Non-sterile 
Suitable for ROTH 
Packaging type refill unit (palletised) 
Pack. 10 x 96 
Filter tips 0.1–1 μl
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ALY9.1 Standard refill unit (palletised) 960 unit(s) Non-sterile colourless


ANA0.1 Standard box 960 unit(s) Sterile colourless


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