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The Carl ROTH series - mature technology in modern design

Three units for all applications in electrophoresis:MINI, STANDARD and BLOT.
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Product details

The Carl ROTH series - mature technology in modern design

Three units for all applications in electrophoresis:MINI, STANDARD and BLOT.

  • Compact and easy to operate
  • Constant parameters
  • Timer with alarm function
  • Comply to all relevant safety standards
  • 1 year warranty


For standard applications, all middle sized horizontal gels (routine gels) and for vertical mini gels. Suitable for cold-room operation.

Power Pro models (Roth STANDARD and Roth BLOT):
  • Up to 30 individual protocols with 1-6 steps savable
  • Pre-programmed options for special applications
  • Connection with up to 5 units possible.

Technical Information
Type STANDARD (PowerPro3200) 
Voltage range 5-300 V
Current 1-700 mA
Performance 150 W
Volt-hours 49,995 kVh
Timer display 1-1999 min 
Display type 2,4″TFT 
Resolution 1 V
1 mA
Unit of measurement Constant V or mA with automatic crossover
During constant mode not adjusted parameters are automatically set to maximum 
Program Manually adjustable (Constant Mode) 

30 programs, each with up to 6 steps editable (Program Mode) 

Pre-assigned programs for different applications (Typical running condition Mode) 
Connection Outlets: 5 
Parallel socket pairs: 4 mm 
Min. load resistance 3 Ohm
Safety devices Detection of "No load"
"Over load"
and "Leakage"
Protection against overheating
Automatic recovery after power failure 
Ambient temperature 4-40 °C
Approval CE, ETL 
W x D x H 21.5 x 33.5 x 10.4 cm
Weight 2,1 kg
Mains connection 100-240 V, 47-60 Hz, 200 W 
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Downloads / MSDS

General information

Recommendation of Suitable Power Supplies

Unit for 1–2 Units for 3–4 Units
PROfessional I

PROfessional II Roth-STANDARD, EV2310 Roth-STANDARD, EV2310, EV2650
PROfessional III Roth-STANDARD, EV2310, EV2650 Roth-BLOT, EV2650
PROfessional IV EV2650, EV3610 Roth-BLOT, EV2650, EV3610
PROfessional V Roth-BLOT, EV3610
PROfessional Acetat Roth-STANDARD, EV2310 Roth-STANDARD, EV2650
PROclamp MINI Roth-STANDARD, EV2310 Roth-STANDARD, EV2310, EV2650
PROclamp MINI Wide
PROclamp MAXI Roth-BLOT, EV2310, EV3610 Roth-BLOT, EV2650, EV3150
Sequencing EV3330, EV3620 EV3330, EV3620
IEF EV3150, EV3330 EV3150, EV3330
MINI-Blotting Roth-MINI, EV2310 EV2310, EV3610
MAXI-Blotting Roth-BLOT, EV2310, EV3610 Roth-BLOT, EV3610, EV3020
Electroelution Roth-MINI, EV3610 Roth-STANDARD, EV2650, EV3610, EV3150
When connecting several units, a higher voltage must be applied in order to attain the same intensity of current and output and, subsequently, the same separating capacity.