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Overalls Kleenguard® A50, Size: XL (54-58)

From  Kimberly-Clark
Icon_Cat-III Équipement de protection individuelle (EPI) de catégorie III pour la protection contre les risques majeurs tels que les blessures irréversibles et les dangers de mort.
Icon_Typ7_Schutzkl_radioakt_Strahlung Protection against contamination by radioactive particles(no protection against radioactive radiation)
Icon_Typ8_Schutzkl_antistatisch Protective clothing with antistatic properties EN 1149
Icon_Typ5_Schutzkl_partikeldicht EN ISO 13982, Type 5: Protective clothing for use against solid particulates, chemical protective clothing providing protection to the full body against airborne solid particulates
Icon_Typ6_Schutzkl_spritzdicht EN 13034 Type 6: Limited spray-tight protective clothing, limited protection against small splashes and protection against light mists of chemical liquids. Generally, this clothing is made of liquid-repellent but not completely liquid-tight materials.

Type 5 and 6. Protection against chemical splashes and particles.
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Product details

Type 5 and 6. Protection against chemical splashes and particles.

  • Low-lint with internal seams to protect against contamination from fibres
  • Silicone-free, ideal for paint spraying operations
  • Two-way zip for easier access to the clothing underneath
  • Breathable material for reduced thermal load
  • Special hood for use as a mask and good freedom of movement
  • Robust triple overlock seams with high tear resistance
  • Antistatic acc. to EN 1149-1

Applications: chemical, pharmaceutical and processing industry, treatment and disposal, electronics, agriculture and paint spraying operations.

Overalls Kleenguard® A50 

Technical Information
Size XL (54-58) 
Standards EN 1149-1 
Size - international XL 
Overalls Kleenguard® A50
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