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Hydrochloric acid, 25 l, plastic

ROTIPURAN® 37 % fuming, p.a., ACS, ISO
Examples of effect: Damage metals and burn body tissues; may cause serious eye damage. Safety: Avoid contact; wear safety spectacles and gloves. In the event of contact with eyes and skin, rinse with water.
Examples of effect: Lead to damage to heath, cause irritation to eyes, skin or respiratory organs. Are fatal in larger quantities. Safety: As previously stated, in the event of skin irritation or contact with eyes, rinse with water or a suitable medium.
i may be corrosive to metals, causes severe skin burns and eye damage, may cause respiratory irritation
P280 P303+P361+P353 P304+P340 P305+P351+P338 P310
i wear protective gloves/protective clothing/eye protection/face protection, IF ON SKIN (or hair): Take off immediately all contaminated clothing. Rinse skin with water [or shower], IF INHALED: Remove person to fresh air and keep comfortable for breathing, IF IN EYES: Rinse cautiously with water for several minutes. Remove contact lenses, if present and easy to do. Continue rinsing, immediately call a POISON CENTER/doctor
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HCl, Hydrogen chloride
Empirical formula HCl
Molar mass (M) 36,46 g/mol
Density (D) 1,19 g/cm³
Melting point (mp) -30 °C
CAS No. 7647-01-0
EG-Nr. 231-595-7
UN-Nr. 1789

Solvent and dissolving agent. For acidifying, neutralisation and regeneration of ion exchangers.

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Hydrochloric acid
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General information

Selivanov’s test:

Selivanov’s test involves acidifying a sugar solution with concentrated hydrochloric acid, adding an ethanolic resorcinol solution and heating. Ketoses react quickly to form a red-coloured dye, while aldoses do not react at all, or only react slowly.

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Certificates of Analysis

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Guarantee analysis

Assay (acidim.)36,5-38,0 %
Colour (Hazen)≤10
Free chlorine (Cl)≤0.0001 %
Ash content (as SO4)≤0,0005 %
Heavy metals (as Pb)≤0,0001 %
Phosphate (PO4)≤0,00005 %
Sulphate (SO4)≤0,0001 %
Sulphite (SO3)≤0,00005 %
Aluminium (Al)≤0,000005 %
Ammonium (NH4)≤0,0001 %
Arsenic (As)≤0,000001 %
Barium (Ba)≤0,000001 %
Beryllium (Be)≤0,000001 %
Bismuth (Bi)≤0,000005 %
Lead (Pb)≤0,000001 %
Boron (B)≤0,00001 %
Bromide (Br)≤0,005 %
Cadmium (Cd)≤0,000001 %
Calcium (Ca)≤0,00003 %
Chromium (Cr)≤0,000001 %
Iron (Fe)≤0,00001 %
Gallium (Ga)≤0,000005 %
Germanium (Ge)≤0,000002 %
Gold (Au)≤0,000005 %
Potassium (K)≤0,00001 %
Cobalt (Co)≤0,000001 %
Copper (Cu)≤0,000001 %
Lithium (Li)≤0,000001 %
Magnesium (Mg)≤0,000005 %
Manganese (Mn)≤0,000001 %
Molybdenum (Mo)≤0,000001 %
Sodium (Na)≤0,00005 %
Nickel (Ni)≤0,000002 %
Platinum (Pt)≤0,00001 %
Mercury (Hg)≤0,000001 %
Silver (Ag)≤0,000002 %
Strontium (Sr)≤0,000002 %
Thallium (Tl)≤0,000002 %
Vanadium (V)≤0,000001 %
Zinc (Zn)≤0,00001 %
Tin (Sn)≤0,00002 %
Zirconium (Zr)≤0,000002 %