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Ultracur3D® RG 3280, 1.65 kg

From  Forward AM
Examples of effect: Damage metals and burn body tissues; may cause serious eye damage. Safety: Avoid contact; wear safety spectacles and gloves. In the event of contact with eyes and skin, rinse with water.
Examples of effect: Lead to damage to heath, cause irritation to eyes, skin or respiratory organs. Are fatal in larger quantities. Safety: As previously stated, in the event of skin irritation or contact with eyes, rinse with water or a suitable medium.
Examples of effect: Have an allergenic effect, carcinogenic, mutagenic, toxic to reproduction and cause developmental toxicity (reprotoxic) or damage to organs Safety: You must be well-informed before starting work with these substances; wear protective clothing and gloves, eye protection and mask or breathing protection.
i causes skin irritation, may cause an allergic skin reaction, causes serious eye damage, may cause damage to organs through prolonged or repeated exposure, harmful to aquatic life with long lasting effects
P260 P273 P280 P305+P351+P338 P310 P501
i do not breathe dust/fume/gas/mist/vapours/spray, avoid release to the environment, wear protective gloves/eye protection/face protection, IF IN EYES: Rinse cautiously with water for several minutes. Remove contact lenses, if present and easy to do. Continue rinsing, immediately call a POISON CENTER/doctor, dispose of contents/container to hazardous or special waste collection point
Material: acrylic polymer.
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Pack Qty.
Density (D) 1,645 g/cm³
Boiling point (bp) >100 °C
Flash point (flp) >100 °C

Rigid, High-Performance Resins
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Product details

Material: acrylic polymer.

Rigid, High-Performance Resins

The reactive urethane photopolymers of the Rigid Ultracur3D® RG product line from BASF Forward AM are characterised by high flexural moduli and maximum thermal stability. They offer particular tensile strength and rigidity with high printing accuracy and low shrinkage as well as long-term UV stability of the printed parts. Low water absorption of the printed parts allows washing with water instead of solvents such as isopropanol.

Ultracur3D® RG 3280 

Ceramic-filled resin with exceptionally high stiffness and temperature resistance

  • Superior stiffness
  • Superior temperature performance
  • Very fast and easy to print
  • High suspension stability

Application examples:
  • Tooling
  • Molding
  • Wind tunnel testing

Technical Information
Material acrylic polymer 
Colour beige 
Ultracur3D® RG 3280
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