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ROTI®Fair 5x TBE

for 1000 ml/pouch, for electrophoresis
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TBE powder (pouch)

Buffer concentrate for DNA electrophoresis.
5x TBE solution is prepared by dissolution of 1 pouch in 1000 ml highly pure water.

Exactly pre-weighed pouches for convenient and rapid preparation of TBE solution.
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Product details

Exactly pre-weighed pouches for convenient and rapid preparation of TBE solution.

Running buffer with high buffering capacity for DNA gel electrophoresis. TBE is recommended for analytical gels, high-through-put gels, small fragments, and when sharp band resolution is required. Due to the lower EDTA content, TBE is well suited for gels prior to cloning, however, recovery rate is generally lower than from TAE gels.

Prepared solution may be sterilized by filtration (0,22 µm). For long-term storage, buffer solution should be kept at room temperature.

ROTI®Fair Products - Sustainability

As ready-to-use mixtures, ROTI®Fair products reduce the user's exposure to health-damaging substances used for preparation or pH adjustment. The production of ROTI®Fair tablets and sachets is carefully controlled in large quantities and can be made energy efficient. ROTI®Fair products reduce the total amount of waste produced and improve the footprint in the climate balance.

ROTI®Fair 5x TBE for 1000 ml/pouch, for electrophoresis

Technical Information
Batch quantity 1000 ml/pouch 
End concentration 5x 
pH value 8,3 ±0,05 
Buffer/solution Tris acetate EDTA buffer 
Use Buffer solution for DNA electrophoresis 
ROTI®Fair 5x TBE
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Prepared 5x TBE solution contains: 0.445 M Tris borate, 10 mM EDTA, pH-value 8.3 ±0.05, when prepared in deionized or distilled water.