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FTA® Cards, CLASSIC, 25 unit(s)

From GE Healthcare
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Speciality cards for space- and time-saving collection, archival storage, and isolation of genomi ...
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Product details

Speciality cards for space- and time-saving collection, archival storage, and isolation of genomic DNA from a variety of sample material. Originally Whatman.

  • Capture nucleic acid in one easy step - simply apply blood or tissue material to the FTA® Card
  • Captured nucleic acid is ready for downstream applications in less than 30 mins.
  • Genomic DNA collected on FTA® Cards is stable for years at room temperature
  • Suitable for virtually any cell type
  • Indicating FTA® Cards change colour upon sample application in order to facilitate handling of colourless samples

Simply apply your sample to the FTA® Card. Liquids are pipetted or trickled, tissue samples are pressed onto the surface. Cell membranes and organelles are automatically lysed and the released nucleic acids are entrapped in the fibres of the matrix (see figure). The nucleic acids remain immobilized and are stabilized for transport, immediate processing or long-term storage. Libraries and species DNA collections can be stored simply in a folder; single DNA samples can be filed in your lab manual. FTA® Cards facilitate sample collection in remote locations and simplify sample transport, thus, you can collect samples in the field without worrying about refrigeration.

Captured nucleic acids are used for downstream experiments by simply taking a small punch from the FTA® Card, wash with FTA® Purification Reagent and rinse with TE buffer (Roti®-Stock 100x TE Buffer, Art. No. 1052.1). DNA on the washed punch is ready for use in a variety of applications given below. Genomic DNA stored on FTA® Cards at room temperature for over 14 years (and counting) has been successfully amplified by PCR. For RNA, being more sensitive than DNA, we recommend rapid analysis after only few weeks' storage at room temperature.

FTA® Cards contain chemicals that lyse cells, denature proteins and protect nucleic acids from nucleases, oxidative and UV damage. FTA® Cards rapidly inactivate organisms, including blood borne pathogens, and prevent the growth of bacteria and other microorganisms. Each card can be used for archival storage or multiple downstream applications of 1–2 (MINI) and 1–4 (CLASSIC) independent samples.

Suitable for blood, cultivated cells, buccal cells, plant material, bacteria, microorganisms, tissue and tissue homogenisations, virions, M13 plaques and more.

Applications: storage of genomic DNA samples and libraries, collection of nucleic acid from animal tissue or cell cultures, or from plants or microorganisms during in-field-experiments.

Downstream-Experiments: e. g. PCR, real-time PCR, SNP and STR analysis, transgenetic identification, whole genome amplification, HLA typing, and genotyping in forensics, molecular biology, food and agriculture testing, drug discovery, genomics, species identification, and more.


FTA® Cards 


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FTA® Cards
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