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HPLC column NUCLEODUR® C18 Gravity 5 µm, 250 mm, 4 mm

From  Macherey-Nagel
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The ideal phase for overall sophisticated analytical separations
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Art. No. KK89.1

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Product details

The ideal phase for overall sophisticated analytical separations

  • Especially suitable for LC-MS applications due to low bleeding properties
  • Ideal for method development
  • Superior base deactivation

  • Octadecyl phase, multi-endcapped
  • Carbon content: 18.0 %
  • Pore size: 110 Å
  • pH stability: 1-11
  • Eluent on column: acetonitrile/water

Pharmaceuticals, e.g. analgesics, antiinflammatory drugs, antidepressants, herbicides, immunosuppressants

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Zorbax® Extend C18, Synergi™ und Max RP, Phenomenex Luna® C18 (2), Waters Xterra® RP18 / MS C18, Inertsil® ODS III, Purospher® RP-18, Star RP-18, USP L1

HPLC column NUCLEODUR® C18 Gravity 5 µm 

Technical Information
Particle size 5 µm
Column length 250 mm
Column inner diameter 4 mm
Column volume 3,15 ml
Grid Yes 
Eluent in column Acetonitrile - Water 
Phase C18 Gravity 
Surface chemistry Base deactivated (BDS), High density octadecyl (C18, ODS) modification 
Separation principle Reversed phase (RP) 
Column shape Analytical separation column 
Column type HPLC column 
Particle type Fully porous particles (FPP) 
Specific surface according to BET 340 m²/g
Pore volume 0.9 ml/g
Pore size 110 Å
Temperature stability 60 °C 
Pressure stability 600 bar 
pH stability 1.0-11.0 
Recommended application(s) Analgesics, Antidepressants, Antiinflammatory drugs, Applications at pH extremes (1-11), Herbicides, Ideal for method development, Immunosuppressants, Pharmaceuticals, Phytopharmaceuticals, Reversed phase, RP applications HPLC 
HPLC column NUCLEODUR® C18 Gravity 5 µm
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NUCLEODUR® as a state-of-the-art silica is the ideal base material for modern HPLC phases. We offer two phases NUCLEODUR® C18 Gravity which is ideal for sophisticated analytical separations and NUCLEODUR® C18 ec suitable for routine HPLC analysis.

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