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Silica gel yellow/blue, 2.5 kg

2.5-6 mm, with indicator, fractured
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Drying pearls yellow/blue, Silica gel with humidity indicator
Density (D) 2,2 g/cm³
Melting point (mp) >1700 °C
CAS No. 7631-86-9
EG-Nr. 231-545-4

Drying agent

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Art. No. 3650.3

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Product details

Silica gel yellow/blue 2.5-6 mm, with indicator, fractured

Technical Information
Regeneration 120 °C, approx. 4 hours 
Silica gel yellow/blue
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Type analysis

Particle size2,5-6 mm
Adsorptive capacity
20 % rel. humidityapprox. 11 weight-%
40 % rel. humidityapprox. 18 weight-%
90 % rel. humidityapprox. 34 weight-%
Filled under protective gas. Change in colour from yellow to blue. Regeneration at max. 120 °C, approx. 4 hours.