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Brilliant blue G 250 (C.I. 42655), 10 g, glass

for electrophoresis and biochemistry
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Coomassie® blue G 250
Empirical formula C47H48N3O7S2Na
Molar mass (M) 854,03 g/mol
Density (D) 1,274 g/cm³
Storage temp. +15 to +25 °C
Transport temp. ambient temp.
CAS No. 6104-58-1
EG-Nr. 228-058-4

For preparation of solutions for protein gel staining and protein quantitation (Bradford)
Not suitable for staining of membranes after protein transfer.

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Product details

Brilliant blue G 250 (C.I. 42655) for electrophoresis and biochemistry

Technical Information
Sensitivity 60 
Use Dye for performing Coomassie® staining. ODmax = 595 
Brilliant blue G 250 (C.I. 42655)
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Downloads / MSDS

General information

Suitability of Protein Stainings

Product Sensitivity Rapid Gel





ROTI®Black P 1 ng/mm2 - +++ - +++ -
ROTI®Blue 10 ng/mm2 - +++ +++ - +++
ROTI®Blue quick 10 ng/mm2 +++ +++ ++ - ++
ROTI®Blau R 50 ng/mm2 +++ + - - -
+++: recommended +: suitable -: not recommended

Summary Staining of Protein Gels

Product Sensitivity Description
ROTI®Black P 1 ng/mm2 Silver staining kit. Highly sensitive. Simple, fast and reproducible.
ROTI®Blue 10 ng/mm2 Coomassie®-solution for colloidal staining of proteins. Destaining not required. Non-fixing staining for protein gel elution possible. Proteomics-compatible.
ROTI®Blue quick 10 ng/mm2 Solution for rapid, highly specific staining of proteins. Destaining not required. Non-fixing staining, compatible with blotting and Proteomics.
ROTIPHORESE®Blau R 50 ng/mm2 Coomassie® staining solution concentrate for rapid staining.
Coomassie® Blue G250 (C.I. 42655) 60 ng/mm2 Dye for performing Coomassie® staining. ODmax = 595
Coomassie® Blue R250 (C.I. 42660) 50 ng/mm2 Dye for performing Coomassie staining. ODmax = 550

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Type analysis

Maximum absorption605-615 nm