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Analytical and precision balances Entris® II series Models with internal adjustment, cannot be calibrated, 0.0001 g, 220 g, BCE224i-1S (W)

From  Sartorius
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€2,060.00/Pack Qty. 

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Art. No. KLL9.1

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Product details

  • Item counter, percentage weighing, dynamic weighing (weighing animals), check weighing, components/totalling and maximum value

  • Hybrid display with combined LED and touchscreen technology
  • All balances are available with external adjustment or with a fully automatic, internal temperature and time-controlled adjustment function
  • Glass draft shield with three sliding doors for models with 0.0001/0.001 g readability (interior height 240 mm); (W) = incl. draft shield
  • Eight different menu language options can be selected
  • USB-C port with "PC direct" function which makes connecting to a PC easy, for transferring weighing data directly to tables or documents, like Microsoft® Excel or Word
  • With RS-232 port
  • Monolithic weighing technology

Analytical and precision balances Entris® II series Models with internal adjustment, cannot be calibrated 

Delivery incl. Mains adapter
Technical Information
Type BCE224i-1S (W) 
Weighing range 220 g
Readability 0.0001 g
Linearity 0,0002 g
Reproducibility 0,0001 g
Weighing pan 90 mm
Analytical and precision balances Entris® II series Models with internal adjustment, cannot be calibrated
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Order No. Readability Weighing range Type Linearity Pack Qty. Price Quantity
KLL7.1 0.0001 g 60 g BCE64i-1S (W) 0,0002 g 1 unit(s) €1,860.00
KLL8.1 0.0001 g 120 g BCE124i-1S (W) 0,0002 g 1 unit(s) €1,960.00
KLL9.1 0.0001 g 220 g BCE224i-1S (W) 0,0002 g 1 unit(s) €2,060.00
KLN0.1 0.001 g 220 g BCE223i-1S (W) 0,002 g 1 unit(s) €1,240.00
KLN1.1 0.001 g 320 g BCE323i-1S (W) 0,002 g 1 unit(s) €1,340.00
KLN2.1 0.001 g 420 g BCE423i-1S (W) 0,002 g 1 unit(s) €1,440.00
KLN3.1 0.001 g 620 g BCE623i-1S (W) 0,002 g 1 unit(s) €1,650.00
KLN4.1 0.01 g 820 g BCE822i-1S 0,02 g 1 unit(s) €1,240.00
KLN5.1 0.01 g 1200 g BCE1202i-1S 0,02 g 1 unit(s) €1,340.00
KLN6.1 0.01 g 2200 g BCE2202i-1S 0,02 g 1 unit(s) €1,440.00
KLN7.1 0.01 g 3200 g BCE3202i-1S 0,02 g 1 unit(s) €1,550.00
KLN8.1 0.01 g 4200 g BCE4202i-1S 0,02 g 1 unit(s) €1,650.00
KLN9.1 0.01 g 6200 g BCE6202i-1S 0,02 g 1 unit(s) €1,860.00
KLP0.1 0.1 g 2200 g BCE2201i-1S 0,1 g 1 unit(s) €1,240.00
KLP1.1 0.1 g 8200 g BCE8201i-1S 0,3 g 1 unit(s) €1,440.00
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