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Ultrasonic cleaning unit Transsonic TI-H, 8.6 l, TI-H-10

From  Elma
Material: stainless steel.

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Art. No. T713.1

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Product details

Material: stainless steel.

  • Multi-frequency bath: frequencies (35/130 kHz) can be switched over for intensive cleaning and gentle cleaning of sensitive surfaces
  • Stainless steel shell. Vibration tank made of 1.5 mm strong special stainless steel, extremely robust and hard wearing
  • Degas function for rapid, effective degassing
  • Sweep function for optimised sound field distribution
  • Outlet on back of housing, electrical control via push-button
  • With dry-run-safe heating, adjustable between 30-80 °C
  • Ultrasound intensity can be adjusted between 10-100%
  • Suitable for short-term operation (1-15 min) and continuous operation

Ultrasonic cleaning unit Transsonic TI-H 

Not a medical device / Not an IVD product
Delivery without basket and lid (optional), please order separately.
Technical Information
Type TI-H-10 
Vol. 8.6 l
Outer length 400 mm
Outer width 415 mm
Outer height 370 mm
Inner tub length 300 mm
Inner tub width 240 mm
Inner tub height 150 mm
Operating frequency 35/130 kHz
Peak ultrasonic output 800 W
Ultrasonic cleaning unit Transsonic TI-H
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