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ROTITEST®Vital, 5 ml, 1 x 5 ml

ROTITEST® Bio Analysis, sterile, ready-to-use
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Cell proliferation test solution
Density (D) 1,37 g/cm³
Boiling point (bp) 100 °C
Storage temp. +4 °C

Colorimetric test solution for evaluation of cell proliferation and -viability. Non toxic.
Stable at ambient temperature. Very stabile when being cooled.
Store protected from light. Do not freeze.

1 ml is sufficient for enumeration of 100 cell samples.

Rapid and simple test system for non-radioactive quantitation of proliferating cells. Also well suitable for cytotoxicity assays.
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Product details


Rapid and simple test system for non-radioactive quantitation of proliferating cells. Also well suitable for cytotoxicity assays.

Optimum replacement for MTT:
  • Cells keep on being vital
  • Most simple handling
  • One-component-system without radioactivity
  • For adherent and suspension cells
  • Photometric result in 1 to 4 hours
  • Strong correlation between absorbance and cell number
  • Suitable for every culture media

ROTITEST®Vital ROTITEST® Bio Analysis, sterile, ready-to-use

Sensitivity of the tetrazolium salt used is higher than that known for standard reagents such as MTT, XTT, MTS, or WST-1. Results were shown to be of highly stringent correlation with [3H]-thymidine incorporation assays, therefore representing viability as well as proliferation status of the cells (Tominaga et al., Anal. Commun. 1999 (36) 47-50).
In all living cells, NADH and NADPH are formed by the respiratory chain. ROTITEST®vital is based on the (colourless) WST-8, which functions as acceptor for the NADH/NADPH dehydrogenase while being reduced to (coloured) formazane during the process.


Directions for use

The test solution is added directly to the cultivated cells in 96wells. During incubation for few hours, a water-soluble formazan dye is produced by viable cells, and is released into the surrounding medium. The resulting orange colour is measured photometrically (approx. 450 nm).
Also suitable for culture media containing phenol red.

Each package contains simple-to-follow instructions-for-use.

Fig.: Example of use

Fig. A: Correlation of cell counting results achieved with ROTITEST® Vital (10 μl/well) and 3H-Thymidine (37 KBq/well). HeLa (1, in DMEM) and HL60 cells (2, in MEM).
Fig. B: Comparison of cell counting results using ROTITEST® Vital (10 μl/well) and other cell counting reagents. Photometrical measurement at 450 nm (ROTITEST® Vital, XTT), 490 nm (MTS), and 570 nm (MTT). HeLa (1, in DMEM) and HL60 cells (2, in MEM).
Fig. C: Measurement of cytotoxic effects of actinomycin D (exposition 24 h) on HeLa cells (in DMEM), assayed with ROTITEST® Vital (10 μl/well).

Fig. D: Proliferation assay on CTLL-2 cells (in RPMI) under influence of humane IL-2 (exposition 72 h), using ROTITEST® Vital (10 μl/well).

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