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SPE polypropylene column CHROMABOND® HLB, 60 µm, 3 ml, 60 mg, 30 unit(s), 60 µm

From  Macherey-Nagel
Material: PP columns with PE filter elements.
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“Hydrophilic-lipophilic balanced” (HLB) N-vinylpyrrolidone-divinylbenzene copolymer. State-of-the-art spherical polymer for highest demands in solid phase extraction.
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Dr Schneider
Dr Schneider
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Product details

Material: PP columns with PE filter elements.

SPE polypropylene column CHROMABOND® HLB 

“Hydrophilic-lipophilic balanced” (HLB) N-vinylpyrrolidone-divinylbenzene copolymer. State-of-the-art spherical polymer for highest demands in solid phase extraction.

  • Improved retention for polar substances.
  • High loadability and excellent performance.
  • Water wettable - even if the column bed runs dry, SPE can be continued.
  • Applicable for a wide range of analyte polarities.

The alternative to Oasis HLB.

The hydrophilic-lipophilic balance of the copolymer (spherical part) shows a better retention for polar compounds.
SPE at its best!

Technical Information
Version 60 µm 
Volume 3 ml
Filling quantity 60 mg
Phase HLB 
Separation principle Reversed phase (RP) 
Column shape Open tubular syringe-shaped column with Luer tip outlet 
Material text Material: PP columns with PE filter elements. 
Particle type Fully porous particles (FPP) 
Particle size 60 µm
Pore size 65 Å
pH stability 1.0-14.0 
Surface chemistry Hydrophilic-lipophilic balanced N-vinylpyrrolidone-divinylbenzene 
Specific surface according to BET 750 m²/g
Recommended storage temperature RT 
Recommended application(s) Chloramphenicol, Iodinated contrast media, Pestizide, Polar organic molecules from polar matrices, Sulfonamide 
SPE polypropylene column CHROMABOND® HLB
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1EX9.1 30 µm 6 ml 200 mg 30 unit(s) 30 µm €143.00
1EXK.1 60 µm 6 ml 200 mg 30 unit(s) 60 µm €143.00
1EX6.1 30 µm 1 ml 100 mg 30 unit(s) 30 µm €86.70
1EXH.1 60 µm 3 ml 200 mg 30 unit(s) 60 µm €106.00
1EX7.1 30 µm 3 ml 60 mg 30 unit(s) 30 µm €100.00
1EXC.1 60 µm 1 ml 100 mg 30 unit(s) 60 µm €86.70
1EX5.1 30 µm 1 ml 30 mg 30 unit(s) 30 µm €68.40
1EXA.1 60 µm 1 ml 30 mg 30 unit(s) 60 µm €68.40
1EX8.1 30 µm 3 ml 200 mg 30 unit(s) 30 µm €106.00
1EXE.1 60 µm 3 ml 60 mg 30 unit(s) 60 µm €100.00
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General information

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SPE (Solid Phase Extraction)

A fast, effective and inexpensive system for sample preparation. SPE columns enable samples to be processed for HPLC, GC, TLC, UV/IR spectroscopy, etc.

Field of application: analysis

  • Food analysis
  • Environmental analysis
  • Organic chemistry
  • Pharmaceutical analysis
  • Biochemical analysis

Our range of phases for SPE:

Code Matrix Modification / Application Similar phases **
Reversed phases
C18 ec Silica Octadecyl, endcapped Strata® C18-E, Sep-Pak® tC18, Bond Elut C18, Discovery® DSC-18(Lt); Supelclean™ ENVI-18, LC-18, CLEAN-UP® C18, Bakerbond™ Octadecyl, Isolute® C18(EC), LiChrolut® RP-18 E
C18 hydra Silica Octadecyl, not endcapped / for polar analytes -
Easy PS/DVB* Polar, bifunctional Strata™-X, Oasis® HLB, Sep-Pak®, Porapak™ RDX, Bond Elut PPL, Styre Screen® DVB,Bakerbond™ H2O philic DVB, Isolute® ENV+
HR-P PS/DVB* - Strata® SDB-L, Bond Elut ENV, Bond Elut LMS, Bakerbond™ H2O-phobic DVB, Isolute® 101, LiChrolut® EN
HR-X PS/DVB* - Supelclean™ ENVI-Chrom P, Strata™-X, Oasis® HLB, Bond Elut Nexus
Normal phases
SiOH Silica unmodified Strata® Si-1, Bond Elut silica, Discovery® DSC-Si, Supelclean™ LC-Si, CLEAN-UP® silica, Bakerbond™ silica gel, Isolute® silica, LiChrolut® Si
NH2 Silica Aminopropyl Strata® NH2, Sep-Pak® NH2, Bond Elut NH2, Discovery® DSC-NH2, LC-NH2, CLEAN-UP® aminopropyl, Bakerbond™ amino, Isolute® NH2, LiChrolut® NH2
Florisil® Magnesiumsilicate - Strata® FL-PR Florisil®, Sep-Pak® Florisil®, Bond Elut® Florisil®, Supelclean™ NVI-Florisil®,Supelclean™ LC- Florisil®, CLEAN-UP® Florisil®, Bakerbond™ Florisil®, Isolute® FL, LiChrolut®Florisil®
Ion exchangers
SA Silica Benzene sulfonic acid cation exchanger (SCX) Strata® SCX, Bond Elut SCX, Discovery® DSC-SCX, Supelclean™ LC-SCX, CLEAN-UP®Benzenesulfonic Acid, Bakerbond™ Aromatic Sulfonic Acid, Isolute® SCX, LiChrolut® SCX
SB Silica Qauternary ammonium anion exchanger (SAX) Strata® SAX, Sep-Pak® SAX, Bond Elut SAX, Discovery® DSC-SAX, Supelclean™ LC-SAX, CLEAN-UP® Quaternary Amine, Bakerbond™ Quarternary Amine, Isolute® SAX, LiChrolut® SAX
HR-XA PS/DVB* Strong mixed mode anion exchanger for acidic analytes (MAX) Oasis® MAX, HyperSep™ Retain AX, Styre Screen® QAX, Strata™-X-A
HR-XAW PS/DVB* Weak basic mixed mode anion exchanger Oasis® WAX, Strata™-X-AW
HR-XC PS/DVB* Strong mixed mode - cation exchanger for basic analytes (MCX) Oasis® MCX, Strata™-X-C, Styre Screen® DBX, HyperSep™ Retain™-CX
HR-XCW PS/DVB* Weak acidic mixed mode cation exchanger Oasis® WCX, Strata™-X-CW
Phasen for special applications Phasen for special applications
Na2SO4/Florisil® - Combination phase for extraction of hydrocarbons for water (DIN H 53 / ISO DIS 9377-4) -
SA/SiOH Silica Combination phase for enrichment of PCBs from waste oil Bakerbond™ PCB-N
NAN Silica / AgNO3 + Na2SO4 Special combination phase for SPE analysis of PCBs from sludge -
SiOH-H2SO4/SA Silica Combination phase used together with SiOH for enrichment of PCBs from oil -
CN/SiOH Silica Combination phase for enrichment of PAHs from soil -
C18 PAH Silica Octadecyl silica for for enrichment of PAH from water Bakerbond™ Octadecyl Lightload
NH2/C18 Silica Combination phase for SPE analysis of PAHs from water containing humic acid -
HR-P-AOX PS/DVB* For extraction of AOX from water (DIN 38409 - H22) -
Drug Silica Bifunctional C8/SA, for enrichment of drugs form urine Strata® Screen-C, Bond Elut Certify I, Discovery® DSC-MCAX, Clean Screen® DAU, Bakerbond™ Narc-2, Isolute® HCX, LiChrolut® TSC, HyperSep™ Verify CX
Drug II Silica Bifunctional C8/SB, for extraction of THC and derivatives as well as acidic analytes from biological fluids Strata® Screen-A, Bond Elut Certify II, Clean Screen® THC, Bakerbond™ Narc-1, Isolute® HAX, HyperSep™ Verify AX
ABC 18 Silica Octydecyl, with ion exchange character, for acrylamide analysis Isolute® M-M (Multimode)
* polystyrene/divinylbenzene

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