Listeria Palcam Supplement

Media supplement for selective isolation of Listeria monocytogenes.
One box of 10 vials Listeria Palcam Supplement is sufficient for 10 x 500 ml Palcam Listeria Agar.
Palcam Supplement

Listeria Palcam Supplement
Storage temp.: +4 °C

Application: One vial Listeria-Palcam Supplement is reconstituted in 2 ml sterile distilled water, and is subsequently added to 500 ml autoclaved Palcam Listeria Agar (Base) (Art. No. 5768.1).

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Hazard symbol 
Danger H334-H317

Listeria Palcam Supplement

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Item available in stock 5803.1 10 vials glass €103.75
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Technical information

Ceftazidime (Fortam)10 mg
Polymyxin B5 mg
Acryflavine2,5 mg
per vial


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