CELLPURE® ready-to-use, sterile
Balanced salt solution for cell culture
Phosphate buffered saline, PBS without Ca/Mg

Roti<sup>®</sup>-CELL PBS
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Roti®-CELL PBS is a balanced salt solution to be used in a wide variety of cell- and tissue culture applications; for instance diluting cell suspensions prior to counting, washing cells prior to dissociation, transfection or passaging, and transporting cells or tissues.

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Item not available 9143.1 500 ml plastic €12.40 €9.60
Item available in stock 9143.2 1 l plastic €14.95 €11.60
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Technical information

Type analysis:
pH value7,3-7,5
Osmolality287-309 mOsm/kg
Endotoxins≤1,0 EU/ml
Toxicitynone detected
For research use only. Not approved for human or veterinary use, for application to humans or animals, or for use in clinical or in vitro diagnostics.


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