Roti®-DAB Kit

for immunochemistry
Substrate kit for detection of HRP activity on blot membranes and slides.
One kit is sufficient for staining of approx. 44 minigel blot membranes or 500 slides.
DAB substrate kit, HRP substrate kit

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Storage temp.: +4 °C
Transport temp.: cooled

DAB substrate kit for detection of peroxidase (HRP) activity on immunoblots, immunohisto- and cytochemical slides and during in situ hybridization.

Roti®-DAB Kit contains substrate, buffer solution and activation reagent, therefore including all three solutions necessary for HRP detection reaction. Application is very simple - all three kit solutions are diluted equally in water, and the blotting filter membrane, or the slides, are then incubated in this substrate solution. Since the solutions are delivered in drop dispensers, dosing is most convenient.

DAB is oxidized by HRP, forming a brown precipitate, which is insoluble in aqueous and organic solvents. This precipitate can be detected in visible light and does not bleach during long-term storage. Addition of the DAB Metal Enhancer (Art. No. 9204) doubles the signal strength. Slides may be permanently mounted in hydrophilic, or, after dehydration, in hydrophobic mounting medium.

Figure 1:
Immunohistochemical staining of mouse small intestines with an anti-PCNA antibody. Minuscules: pure DAB substrate, capitals: detection supplemented by DAB enhancer (A: NiCl2, B: DAB Metal Enhancer, Art. No. 9204).
A/a: Basic method using 0.6 mg/ml DAB in Tris-buffer
B/b: Detection performed with the Roti®-DAB Kit

The kit contains:
DAB solution (Art. No. 9869), DAB buffer (Art. No. 9870), and Activation reagent (Art. No. 9871) in dropper bottles. Contents of this Kit may not be bought separately.

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Hazard symbol  Hazard symbol 
Danger H302-H341-H351-H360D-H373

Roti®-DAB Kit

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Technical information

Type analysis:
Application test (Blotting)complies
RNAse≤1 ppb
DNAse≤1 ppm


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