Roti®-Fect Plus

CELLPURE® for transfection
Reagent for transfection of all eukaryotic cells in culture, particularly suited for hard-to-transfect cell lines.
Approx. 500 assays per ml in 24wells. Dependent on the cell line used.

Roti<sup>®</sup>-Fect Plus
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Storage temp.: +4 °C

  • Particularly low cell toxicity
  • Superior transfection efficiency with all cell lines
  • Especially recommended for hard-to-transfect cell lines
  • Particularly suited for use with primary cells
  • Excellent reproducibility
  • No serum inhibition

Highly sophisticated transfection reagent for liposoma mediated transfection of eukaryotic cell lines and primary cells in culture. Roti®-Fect PLUS further reduces the toxic effects of transfection, making it a versatile tool for transfection of sensitive cell lines or primary cells.

Based on this, Roti®-Fect PLUS is also especially recommended for transfection prior to in vivo analyses (siRNA-Assays, in vivo life microscopy, etc.), since the transfection stress is minimized, reducing stress-dependent effects like the rate of apoptosis-induced cells. Additionally, the stability of nucleic acid/lipid complexes is diminished in comparison with Roti®-Fect, therefore improving the release of nucleic acids in the cell.

Thus, the newly established liposoma formulation of Roti®-Fect PLUS guarantees gentle and highly efficient transfections, even when hard-to-transfect or particularly sensitive cell lines are handled.

Successfully tested with the following cell types:

siRNA: 1BR3, HEK293, HeLa, LN-308, T98G. U87MG, UACC-257
Primary cells: 1BR3, 8VM, CGN, HMEC, HUVEC, PBMC, S15VM
Cell lines: 1BRneo, 143B, 293T, NSCLC, alphaTC1, B16-F10, BHK-21, C2C12, C6, CHO, CHO-K1, Colo205, COS-7, EVLC2, HaCaT, HAEC, HCT116, HEK293, HeLa, HepG2, Hep 3B, IMR32, Jurkat, Kelly, KG1, La1-5S, LN-308, M2-10B4, MDCK, MEF, MG-63, MIN6, MLEC32, mPAC, mpkCCD, N18TG2, N2a, N-Tera2, NG NIH-3T3, Panc-1, PC 12, Phi-NX, Raji, RAW264.7, RD, RF24, RGE, S2, S91, SMA-560, SK-N-BE, SW480, T98G, U-2 OS, Vero, et al.

Via Roti®-Fect PLUS transfected cells.
A: Fluorescent light (520 nm), B: Standard light.

Above: COS7 cells (0.5 x 105 cells / cm2 in 24-well). Transfection after 24 h using 0.9 µg pCMV-GFP + 3.6 µl Roti®-Fect PLUS (ratio 1:4).
Analysis after 48 h.

Below: BHK cells (0.2 x 105 cells / cm2 in 24-well). Transfection after 24 h using 0.3 µg pCMV-GFP + 1.2 µl Roti®-Fect PLUS (ratio 1:4).
Analysis after 48 h.


Transfection efficiency subject to ratio of DNA to Roti®-Fect PLUS. For most cell lines, the optimised composition of transfection complex is 1:3 to 1:4.

Vero: 1.2 x 105 cells / cm2; MDCK: 1.2 x 105 cells / cm2; COS7: 5 x 104 cells / cm2; HeLa: 1 x 105 cells / cm2. Transfection with pCMV-LacZ 24 h after sawing in 48 wells in serum-free DMEM. Analysis (ONPG assay) after 48 h.


Transfection efficiency of Roti®-Fect PLUS given in percentage. For standardisation, transfection efficiency of Roti®-Fect was set as reference (100 %). Compared to Roti®-Fect, transfection efficiency achieved by
Roti®-Fect PLUS is at least equivalent. For some cell lines known to be
hard-to-transfect with Roti®-Fect, e.g. Vero, CV1, or CHO-K1 cells,
Roti®-Fect PLUS achieves multiple enhancement of transfection efficiency.

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Roti®-Fect Plus

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