Circulating bath thermostat PC300-S7

  By Thermo.

Circulating bath thermostat PC300-S7

For temperature control in bath or external open and closed circuits.

  • 8-language full text display and numerical input via keys in large colour display
  • Powerful pressure and suction pump allows open and closed external applications
  • Pump with 5-stage turbulence reduction system
  • 5-interval programming with 10 segments; options for ramp processing during operation
  • Programmable application temperature alarm with signal that can be selected by the user (On/Off) or switch-off function
  • Timer with real-time clock for critical applications
  • USB interface
  • With stainless steel bath
  • Thermostat heads can be turned invariably in 90° steps on the bath
  • Drain orifice (on the front) and handles
  • Connectors for tubes with 8 and 12 mm inner Ø

Technical specifications:

Working temperature (°C)+20 to +300 °C
Temperature constancy (K)±0.01 K
Heating output (W)3000 W
Max. flow (l/min)24 l/min
Max. pump pressure (mbar)560 mbar
Max. pump suction (mbar)380 mbar
Bath capacity (l)7 l
Bath opening (mm)
Depth (mm)
239 x 110 mm
200 mm
Safety classIII (FL)

III (FL) = flammable liquids

Delivery incl. circulation set for external circulation and bath lid.

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Circulating bath thermostat PC300-S7

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