PVDF membrane from ROTH.

Roti®-PVDF is a hydrophobic, microporous polyvinylidene membrane. It is free from adjuvants and detergents. This membrane enables efficient transfer of proteins over a wide molecular weight range.

This mechanically rigid transfer membrane can be easily cut to the desired gel size and it remains flexible and tear-proof even when dry.

Briefly immerse Roti®-PVDF membrane in 100 % methanol prior to transfer until no more white areas are visible. This transfer membrane is then compatible with every aqueous blot system.

Membrane thickness: 125 ± 25 µm

Pore size: 0,45 µm

Applications: optimised for proteins ≥20 kDa. Western-blot, Dot-blot, lipopolysaccharide- and amino acid analysis, binding assays, N-terminal peptide sequencing.

Detection systems: chemoluminescence, radioactivity, colour

Not suitable for use with infrared densitometers (700 nm/800 nm).

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Status Art. No. Pore size Binding Dimensions W x L (cm) Pack Qty. Price Quantity Action
Item available in stock T830.1 0,45 µm hydrophobic 26,5 x 375 1 roll €349.40
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