Roti®-DipSlide Sab4plus

ready-to-use, sterile, for microbiology
For detection of yeasts and moulds in liquids or on surfaces.

Roti<sup>®</sup>-DipSlide Sab4plus
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Storage temp.: +4-15 °C
Transport temp.: cooled

Tried-and-tested media in a new look - Now with optimised plastic carriers!

Sterile dip slides with solid culture medium for easy microbiological analysis of solutions and surfaces.

Both sides (Sab4plus): Sabouraud 4 % Glucose Agar (with chloroamphenicol) (Art. No. X933) for detection of yeasts and moulds.

Roti®-DipSlides are made of a flexible plastic tongue which is coated with solid culture medium on both sides. Following dipping into the solution to be tested or inoculation by pressing to a surface, the slide is placed back into the sterile tube and incubated.

Total area for analysis is 11,44 cm2 per side. Tube Ø: 2,9 cm.

Expiration time on request.

Do NOT freeze!

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Roti®-DipSlide Sab4plus

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Technical information

Agar both sides (Sab4plus):
Meat and casein peptone10 g/l
Glucose40 g/l
Chloroamphenicol0,5 g/l
Agar15 g/l
pH value5,6 ±0,2
Colouramber, slightly opalescent
Growth of test strainscomplies


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