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Inverted microscope AE2000 Binocular

From Motic

During inverse microscopy, the lenses are positioned under the benchtop. This results in a larger ga ...
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Product details

During inverse microscopy, the lenses are positioned under the benchtop. This results in a larger gap between the benchtop and condenser, allowing analysis of thicker preparations such as living cells in culture vessels/microtiter plates.

  • With infinite optics for optimum image quality
  • Light can be controlled with sleep mode

Optional accessories (please order separately):
  • LED light

Delivery incl. Blue filter, interference filter (green), neutral filter with slider, centring telescope and dust cover.
Technical Information
Type AE2000  
Tube Binocular  
Magnification type Turret  
Ocular magnification Widefield 10x  
Lenses Plan achromatic brightfield  
Lens arrangement 4-way, tilted sideways  
Lens magnification Brightfield:- PL 4x/N.A. 0.10, W.D. 12.6 mm- LWD PL 40x/N.A. 0.50, W.D. 3.0 mmPhase contrast:- PL Ph 10x/N.A. 0.25, W.D. 4.1 mm- LWD PL Ph 20x/N.A. 0.30, W.D. 4.7 mm  
Field of view 20  mm
Dioptre compensation ±5 dpt an beiden Okularen  
Angular observation 45  °
Head Can be rotated 360°  
Distance between eyepieces 48 - 75  mm
Condenser ELWD N.A. 0.30 with (Ph1, BF) W.D. phase shifter with 72 mm condenser  
Light source Halogen  
Image focusing Coaxial coarse and fine focus  
Optics infinity  
Microscope stage 200 x 239 mm areaWith glass/metal stage insert  
Power supply Mains-powered  
Mains connection 100 - 240 V, 50 Hz  
Inverted microscope AE2000 Binocular
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