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Carl Roth and baseclick

Strategic Partnership between Carl Roth and baseclick


Carl Roth is a traditional company that has more than 135 years sales experience in the field of chemicals. The cooperation with baseclick, an innovative company with expertise in the field of Click Chemistry, sets the goal of further developing and marketing biochemical products for demanding customers. In addition to its own patents, baseclick has a worldwide exclusive license from Scripps Research Institute for click technology in the field of nucleic acids. The strategic partnership with Carl Roth described here now provides its customers with an easier and faster access to Click Chemistry.

Click reactions popular with scientists due to their speed and simplicity and on account of the high yields and straightforward reaction conditions. One of the best-known click reactions is copper-catalysed cycloaddition (CuAAC), which produces an effective, stereo-specific combination of two molecules under mild conditions. All that is required for this is that one of the reaction partners is equipped with an alkaline function and the other with an acidic function. Click Chemistry is therefore an excellent alternative to classic, more expensive methods for marking nucleic acids and other biomolecules. Furthermore, this reaction is characterised by it high modularity, which is reflected in the high number of "modules" offered.

Carl Roth offers a comprehensive product range for click reagents. The product portfolio includes both essential Click Chemicals such as copper bromide or ligands for copper stabilization and reagents that have been modified specially for Click Chemistry, for example nucleotides with alkyne groups and fluorescence markers with azide groups, through to ready-to-use cell proliferation assays for fluorescence microscopy, flow cytometry or high-throughput screening.

The strategic partnership between the two companies unites baseclick's unique expertise in the Click Chemistry sector with the excellent availability of products and extensive experience in marketing and international sales that are characteristics of Carl Roth. We are therefore pleased to be able to use this base to offer our demanding customers the best service possible.