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Orion Clean Card® PRO Starter Kit

amfora health care for hygiene monitoring
For rapid detection of protein contamination on surfaces after the cleaning process.
Protein quick test, Cleaning control

Orion Clean Card<sup>®</sup> PRO Starter Kit
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Storage temp.: +20 °C
  • Fast – results in 30 seconds
  • Straightforward – clear analysis thanks to visible colour change
  • User-friendly – no additional devices required
  • Safety and high standard confirmed in internal tests for compliance with legal requirements of HACCP, good hygiene practice or internal QA/hygiene plans
  • Evidence from approx. 50 µg protein/100 cm2
  • Certified and proven in practice: Recommended by Bundesverband der Lebensmittelkontrolleure (German Association of Food Regulators)
  • Suitable for use in many sectors, e.g. community catering, restaurants and cafés, hotels, cleaning services, food industry businesses such as butchers and bakers, suppliers, haulage companies, for hygiene training courses to sensitise staff and for those working in hygiene, quality management and quality assurance, and much more.

The Clean Card® PRO detects any soiling that contains protein or substances similar to protein, such as allergen proteins as well as surfactants from residual cleaning detergent or disinfectant agent on work surfaces, equipment and containers that look clean to the naked eye.This means cleaning practices can be quickly optimised and risks can be minimised – as outlined in the HACCP concept.

The surface is wetted and then wiped with the Clean Card® PRO. After 30 seconds, the colour of the test section is compared against the colours in the picture card provided and the result is recorded. A green or blue colour indicates the surface is contaminated with residual protein. The higher the level of protein detected, the darker the colouration of the card. The Clean Card® PRO test record (Art. No. 0076.1) can be used to maintain a clear overview of the results.

The starter kit contains:

  • 25 tests
  • Small plastic spray bottle
  • Picture card for analysis
  • Operating instructions

The refill pack, containing 50 Clean Card® PRO tests can be ordered using the Art. No. 0072.1.

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Orion Clean Card® PRO Starter Kit

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Technische informatie

Type analysis:
Appearance (test area)light yellow
Protein measurement negative controlcomplies
Protein measurement positive controlcomplies


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