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GC capillary column ROTI®Cap 5 HT 30 m, 0.32 mm, 0.25 µm

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Silarylene Phase

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Silarylene Phase

  • Non-polar
  • Selectivity similar to a 5 % phenyl - 95 % methylpolysiloxane phase
  • Low column bleed
  • Solvent rinsing applicable
  • Working temperature limits:
    380 °C for isothermal operation
    400 °C for short isothermal operation in a temperature programme
  • Application areas: simulated distillation, hydrocarbon, fuel, oil analysis, high boiling analytes, ideal for MS detectors

  • Similar phases: DB-5HT, VF-5HT, HT-5, XTI-5HT, ZB-5HT
  • Equivalent to USP phases G27/G36

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GC capillary column ROTI®Cap 5 HT 30 m 

Technische informatie
Zuillengte 30 m
Ø binnen 0,32 mm
Filmdikte 0,25 µm
GC capillary column ROTI®Cap 5 HT 30 m
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3892.1 1 stuks 30 m 0,32 mm 0,25 µm 649,00 €
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3889.1 1 stuks 30 m 0,25 mm 0,1 µm 609,00 €
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Algemene informatie

ROTI®CAP High Performance Capillary Columns

ROTI®CAP High Performance Capillary ColumnsThe proved Carl ROTH series of high performance capillary columns for gas chromatography.

ROTI®Cap capillary columns set standards:

Low column bleed
Modern manufacturing processes offer capillaries with lower bleed levels, which are especially suitable for GC-MS. Less column bleed yields increased sensitivity and accuracy through a better signal to noise ratio for any kind of detector. Further reduced column bleed improves detectability of solutes in qualitative and quantitative GC-MS analyses.

High thermal stability

Due to high temperature stability ROTI®Cap capillary columns can be operated at about 40 °C higher temperatures compared to standard phases. Thanks to these elevated working temperatures, high-boiling components, which exhibit very long retention times and wide peaks on standard phases, elute earlier and with a more well-formed peak.

High inert columns due to optimised deactivation
Polar compounds are frequently difficult to analyse because they often give broad tailing peaks. Advances in deactivation technology for the ROTI®Cap capillaries result in an excellent chromatographic performance yielding improved peak shapes of polar compounds combined with improved efficiency and sensitivity.

In order to guarantee best industry standard capillaries with highest reproducibility from column to column ROTI®Cap capillary columns have to meet high specifications.
Within the quality control the following parameters are determined:
Separation Efficiency by measuring the separation number (acc. to Kaiser) in a temperature programme
Polarity by measuring retention indices
Bleeding in a temperature programme with a test mixture including high-boiling hydrocarbons
Inertness by measuring the peak height ratio for decylamine/C12 (for non-polar to medium polar phases)

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