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Polypropylene columns CHROMABOND® PTL, 70 ml, 50 stuks

Van  Macherey-Nagel
Materiaal: PP with special membrane.

PTL for solvents lighter than water, e.g., for diethyl ether, hexane.

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Materiaal: PP with special membrane.

U vindt nog meer aantrekkelijke aanbiedingen om uw chromatografielaboratorium te vervolledigen op onze Chromatografie pagina!

Automatic separation of a two-phase mixture without separation funnel. Two-phase mixtures are completely applied to the column and the phase boundary is determined without further work. The special membrane automatically stops the flow when the lower phase has passed. The upper phase remains in the column, thus both phases are available for futher analysis.Important note: Columns must not be run with vacuum or pressure. SPE columns for phase separation by gravity only.

You replace the complex liquid-liquid extraction (LLE) with solid-liquid extraction (SLE).
These columns guarantee a far greater yield and better reproducible extraction process, from column to column, when compared to historical liquid/ liquid extraction techniques usually using water and an organic solvent into a conventional separation funnel.

  • Fast and effective sample preparation technique
  • Higher reproducibility and recovery rates compared to LLE methods
  • No problems with phase boundaries - Prevents the emulsion formation that often occurs in LLE, since the water-immiscible solvents do not come into direct contact with the sample
  • Reduced solvent requirements compared to LLE

Polypropylene columns CHROMABOND® PTL 

PTL for solvents lighter than water, e.g., for diethyl ether, hexane.

Technische informatie
Kolomvolume 70 ml
Fase PTL 
Scheidingsprincipe Phase separation (gravity flow) 
Materiaaltekst Materiaal: PP with special membrane. 
Zuiltype Polypropylene columns 
Aanbevolen toepassing(en) Separation of two-phase mixtures (mid-polar) without separation funnel
For solvents lighter than water 
Polypropylene columns CHROMABOND® PTL
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Algemene informatie

U vindt nog meer aantrekkelijke aanbiedingen om uw chromatografielaboratorium te vervolledigen op onze Chromatografie pagina!

U vindt nog meer aantrekkelijke aanbiedingen om uw chromatografielaboratorium te vervolledigen op onze Chromatografie pagina!

Eluents with higher alcohol contents cause an increase in volume of the aqueous phase on the CHROMABOND® XTR. In such case, the column might be overloaded which leads to a displacement of the aqueous phase from the column. Therefore a greater capacity column should be used.

Extraction of analytes form an aqueous to an organic phase:

Column conditioning: Not required

Sample application: Aqueous solutions are applied to the dry CHROMABOND® XTR adsorbent. They are soaked up by the solid within a few minutes and spread over the surface of the kieselguhr material as a thin film.

Elution: Lipophilic analytes are eluted with water-immiscible organic solvents; the aqueous phase remains on the CHROMABOND® XTR adsorbent. Polar, water-soluble analytes, which remain in the aqueous phase on the XTR adsorbent, can be eluted e.g. with saturated NaCl.

Warning: Never exceed the volume capacities listed for each column size!

Solvents applicable for elution:

Diethyl ether (T900)
tert-Butyl methyl ether (T175)
Ethyl acetate (T164)
n-Hexane (T165)
Cyclohexane (T163)
Toluene (T166)
Dichloromethane (T901)
Trichloromethane (chloroform) (T901)
Trichloromethane/methanol (90/10 or 85/15, v/v) (T901/T909)
Diethyl ether/ethanol (90/10 or 80/20, v/v) (T900/9065)
Dichloromethane/2-propanol (90/10 or 85/15, v/v) (T901/T902)

General column parameters:

Depending on the concentration of the analytes eluates can be analysed immediately, or the organic solvent is evaporated. The pH value of the aqueous solution can be altered on the column, which enables elution of different compounds of a sample under optimised conditions. Under certain circumstances, acidic, neutral, and basic compounds can be fractionated in this way.

Volume Filling quantity Max. Loadability with aqueous solution Waiting time before elution Elution volume
6 ml 1 g 1 ml 5-10 min 8 ml
30 ml 4,5 g 5 ml 5-10 min 16 ml
70 ml 14,5 g 20 ml 10-15 min 40 ml

SPE (Solid Phase Extraction)

A fast, effective and inexpensive system for sample preparation. SPE columns enable samples to be processed for HPLC, GC, TLC, UV/IR spectroscopy, etc.


  • Food analysis
  • Environmental analysis
  • Organic chemistry
  • Pharmaceutical analysis
  • Biochemical analysis

Our range of phases for SPE:

Code Matrix Modification / Application Similar phases **
Reversed phases
HR-X PS/DVB* - Supelclean™ ENVI-Chrom P, Strata™-X, Oasis® HLB, Bond Elut Nexus
Easy PS/DVB* Polar, bifunctional Strata™-X, Oasis® HLB, Sep-Pak®, Porapak™ RDX, Bond Elut PPL, Styre Screen® DVB,Bakerbond™ H2O philic DVB, Isolute® ENV+
HR-P PS/DVB* - Strata™ SDB-L, Bond Elut ENV, Bond Elut LMS, Bakerbond™ H2O-phobic DVB, Isolute® 101, LiChrolut® EN
PS-RP PS/DVB* Removal of organic components like HR-P
C18 ec Silica Octadecyl, endcapped Strata™ C18-E, Sep-Pak® tC18, Bond Elut C18, Discovery® DSC-18(Lt); Supelclean™ ENVI-18, LC-18, CLEAN-UP® C18, Bakerbond™ Octadecyl, Isolute® C18(EC), LiChrolut® RP-18 E
C18 ec f Silica Octadecyl, endcapped, fast flow -
C18 Silica Octadecyl, not endcapped Strata™ C18-U, AccuBond® C18, Bakerbond™ PolarPlus, Isolute® C18, LiChrolut® RP-18
C18 f Silica Octadecyl, not endcapped, fast flow -
C18 Hydra Silica Octadecyl, not endcapped / for polar analytes -
C8 Silica Octyl, not endcapped Strata™ C8, Sep-Pak® C8, Bond Elut® C8, DSC-8, ENVI-8, LC-8, CLEAN-UP® C8, AccuBond® C8, Bakerbond™ Octyl, Isolute® C8(EC)
C4 Silica Butyl, not endcapped -
Normal phases
SiOH Silica unmodified Strata™ Si-1, Bond Elut silica, Discovery® DSC-Si, Supelclean™ LC-Si, CLEAN-UP® silica, Bakerbond™ silica gel, Isolute® silica, LiChrolut® Si
NH2 Silica Aminopropyl Strata™ NH2, Sep-Pak® NH2, Bond Elut NH2, Discovery® DSC-NH2, LC-NH2, CLEAN-UP® aminopropyl, Bakerbond™ amino, Isolute® NH2, LiChrolut® NH2
OH (Diol) Silica Diol DSC-Diol, LC-Diol, AccuBond® Diol (OH)
CN Silica Cyano Strata™™ CN, Sep-Pak® CN, Bond Elut® CN-U, DSC-CN,LC-CN, CLEAN-UP® CN, AccuBond® CN, Bakerbond™ cyano, Isolute® CN, LiChrolut® CN
HILIC Silica Zwitterionic ammonium-sulfonic acid modification ZIC® HILIC
Alox N Aluminium oxide neutral LC-Alumina-N, AccuBond® Aluminiumoxid N
Florisil® Magnesiumsilicate - Strata™ FL-PR Florisil®, Sep-Pak® Florisil®, Bond Elut® Florisil®, Supelclean™ NVI-Florisil®, Supelclean™ LC- Florisil®, CLEAN-UP® Florisil®, Bakerbond™ Florisil®, Isolute® FL, LiChrolut®Florisil®
PA Polyamide 6 - DPA-6S
Ion exchangers
SA Silica Benzene sulfonic acid cation exchanger (SCX) Strata™ SCX, Bond Elut SCX, Discovery® DSC-SCX, Supelclean™ LC-SCX, CLEAN-UP® Benzenesulfonic Acid, Bakerbond™ Aromatic Sulfonic Acid, Isolute® SCX, LiChrolut® SCX
SB Silica Qauternary ammonium anion exchanger (SAX) Strata™ SAX, Sep-Pak® SAX, Bond Elut SAX, Discovery® DSC-SAX, Supelclean™ LC-SAX, CLEAN-UP® Quaternary Amine, Bakerbond™ Quarternary Amine, Isolute® SAX, LiChrolut® SAX
PCA Silica Propylcarboxylic acid cation exchanger (WCX) Strata™ WCX, Bond Elut® CBA, DSC-WCX, LC-WCX, CLEAN-UP® Carboxylic Acid, Bakerbond™ Carboxylic Acid, Isolute® CBA
PSA** Silica propylsulfonic acid cation exchanger Isolute® SCX-2, Bond Elut® PRS
HR-XA PS/DVB* Strong mixed mode anion exchanger for acidic analytes (MAX) Oasis® MAX, HyperSep™ Retain AX, Styre Screen® QAX, Strata™-X-A
HR-XAW PS/DVB* Weak basic mixed mode anion exchanger Oasis® WAX, Strata™-X-AW
HR-XC PS/DVB* Strong mixed mode - cation exchanger for basic analytes (MCX) Oasis® MCX, Strata™-X-C, Styre Screen® DBX, HyperSep™ Retain™-CX
HR-XCW PS/DVB* Weak acidic mixed mode cation exchanger Oasis® WCX, Strata™-X-CW
PS-OH- PS/DVB* Strong PS-DVB anion exchanger (OH- form) for removing or concentrating anions from water and for increasing the pH value in acidic samples. -
PS-H+ PS/DVB* Strong PS-DVB cation exchanger (H+-form) to remove or concentrate cations from water and to lower the pH of basic samples. -
PS-Mix PS/DVB* Mixture of H+ form (strong cation exchanger) and OH- form (strong anion exchanger) for desalination of water. -
PS-Ag+ PS/DVB* Strong PS-DVB cation exchanger (Ag+ form) for removing halide ions from water. -
PS-Ba2+ PS/DVB* Strong PS-DVB cation exchanger, Ba2+ form to remove sulphate ions from water. -
Phasen for special applications Phasen for special applications
Na2SO4/Florisil® - Combination phase for extraction of hydrocarbons for water (DIN H 53 / ISO DIS 9377-4) -
SA/SiOH Silica Combination phase for enrichment of PCBs from waste oil Bakerbond™ PCB-N
NAN Silica / AgNO3 + Na2SO4 Special combination phase for SPE analysis of PCBs from sludge -
SiOH-H2SO4/SA Silica Combination phase used together with SiOH for enrichment of PCBs from oil -
CN/SiOH Silica Combination phase for enrichment of PAHs from soil -
C18 PAH Silica Octadecyl silica for for enrichment of PAH from water Bakerbond™ Octadecyl Lightload
NH2/C18 Silica Combination phase for SPE analysis of PAHs from water containing humic acid -
HR-P-AOX PS/DVB* For extraction of AOX from water (DIN 38409 - H22) -
Drug Silica Bifunctional C8/SA, for enrichment of drugs form urine Strata™ Screen-C, Bond Elut Certify I, Discovery® DSC-MCAX, Clean Screen® DAU, Bakerbond™ Narc-2, Isolute® HCX, LiChrolut® TSC, HyperSep™ Verify CX
Drug II Silica Bifunctional C8/SB, for extraction of THC and derivatives as well as acidic analytes from biological fluids Strata™ Screen-A, Bond Elut Certify II, Clean Screen® THC, Bakerbond™ Narc-1, Isolute® HAX, HyperSep™ Verify AX
ABC 18 Silica Octydecyl, with ion exchange character, for acrylamide analysis Isolute® M-M (Multimode)
Dry Na2SO4 For drying organic samples -
PTL/PTS Special membrane Phase separation -
XTR Kieselguhr Liquid-liquid extraction EXtrelut®, Chem Elut™, Hydromatrix™, Isolute® SLE +
* polystyrene/divinylbenzene