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Electrophoresis Unit MINI Vertical, Standard

Materiaal: PMMA (acrylic glass).

3.444,30 €/VE 

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Bestelnr. Y001.1

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Materiaal: PMMA (acrylic glass).

Electrophoresis Unit MINI Vertical 

Levering incl. 1 vertical electrophoresis chamber - with buffer tank, lid incl. cables (4 mm plug), 1 running module for simultaneous electrophoresis of two gels.

Accessories included: 2 glass plates, 2 separate spacer pairs (spacer thickness 1 mm), 2 notched glass plates, 1 dummy plate (for electrophoresis of one gel only), 2 combs (12 teeth, 1 mm thick).

Devices with additional
Gel casting module: The device types standard (Art. No. Y001.1) and coolable (Art. No. Y002.1) additionally include a gel casting module.
Technische informatie
Type MINI Vertical standard model 
Aanvullende informatie with buffer tank, running module, accessories and gel casting module 
L x B glasplaat 10 x 10 cm
Aantal monsters max. 32 
Buffervolume 100 / 300 ml
L x B x H toestel 15 x 20 x 14 cm
Gesch. voor Polyacrylamide gels 
Electrophoresis Unit MINI Vertical
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Y001.1 Standard 1 stuks

3.444,30 €

Y004.1 coolable, without gel casting module 1 stuks

2.728,35 €

Y003.1 Standard, without gel casting module 1 stuks

2.950,90 €

Y002.1 coolable 1 stuks

3.520,65 €

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