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Lumitester PD30

From  Kikkoman

Easy-to-use, lightweight luminometer for ATP measurement. For reliable monitoring of liquids, dry an ...
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Product details

Easy-to-use, lightweight luminometer for ATP measurement. For reliable monitoring of liquids, dry and wet surfaces as part of hygiene control in the manufacturing sector, in the foodstuffs and animal feed sector, in patients- and health care, in gastronomy and trade, in training and in many other areas.

Lumitester PD30 is not suitable for the detection of virus contamination.

  • Lightweight and easy-to-use
  • Fast and easy handling
  • Highly sensitive, precise measurement of ATP and AMP
  • Ready for use after 8 seconds
  • Auto-calibration
  • Definition of own limit values is possible
  • Data transfer via USB to computer
  • Documentation and analysis software (Excel-based) included

NEW for the PD30 Lumitester:
  • 8 language display options
  • Data analysis software allows to match the testing mode to the particular measurement situation
  • Stand-up soft case included as accessory


Both ATP (adenosine triphosphate) and the more stable form AMP (adenosine monophosphate) are found in all living cells and, therefore, provide an exact and quantitative marker for the presence of bacteria, fungi or food residue. An enzyme/substrate complex in the LuciPac® Pen sampling tube reacts with both ATP and AMP to release bioluminescence whose intensity correlates directly with the quantity of ATP/AMP present. The Lumitester PD30 fully converts this bioluminescence into a measurement result and is, therefore, the most sensitive measuring system available today.

Thus, liquids and surfaces can be quickly and easily tested for contamination by foodstuffs and microorganisms using the Lumitester PD30 and the LuciPac® Pen sampling pen. Within approximately 30 seconds, the Lumitester PD30 can provide information on hygiene status or the efficiency of cleaning and disinfection procedures. The system is easy and safe to operate, even by non-professionals. Simply insert the sampling tube and close the unit. Then press the Enter button, and the measurement result will be displayed within 10 seconds.

Suitable for use with LuciPac® Pen Aqua (Art. No. NC58) for monitoring liquids and with LuciPac® Pen (Art. No. NC59) for the analysis of surfaces.

Lumitester PD30 

Delivery incl. Case with standing function, USB cable, strap, 2 AA alkaline batteries, 3 cleaning brushes, quick reference guide, control software and user manual on CD.

Please order separately: LuciPac® Pen Aqua (Order No.No. NC58), LuciPac® Pen (Order No. NC59) and Lumitester LED Test Stick (Order No. NC60.1).
Technical Information
Type Lumitester PD30 
Measurement duration 10 s
Display type LCD 
Calibration automatic 
Port USB 
Temperature range +5 to +40 °C
Unit of measurement RLU (relative Light Units) 
Data memory 2000 Analyses 
Power supply 2 x AA alkaline batteries or 2 x nickel-metal hybrid batteries 
Weight 235 g
L x W x H 175 x 65 x 32 mm
Additional info Date and time internal to the device 
Lumitester PD30
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