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Adhesion Slides ROTI®Bond, 50 unit(s)

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Material: Soda-lime glass.

Fast and highly efficient immobilisation of cellular material with optimal structure conservation ...
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excl. VAT. | 50 unit(s) per Pack Qty.

Art. No. CL20.2

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Product details

Material: Soda-lime glass.

Fast and highly efficient immobilisation of cellular material with optimal structure conservation.

The new adhesive coating of the ROTI®Bond adhesion slides reacts to natural surface structures of cells and tissues, anchoring them securely to the glass surface. Due to this procedure, based on different binding principles, the cells do not lose their antigenicity, their cell functionality and their three-dimensional structure.

  • Assays using only several hundred cells possible
  • No cell loss even during harsh incubation procedures
  • Excellent recovery rate
  • Compatible with all standard and modern assay systems and all fluorescent dyes
  • Particularly adapted to assays using stem cells

Directions for use

Immobilisation of cells or tissue sections occurs immediately after contact to the glass surface. Drying of the samples is therefore not necessary. The cellular material can then be fixed with all common fixatives.
Cell cultivation can be continued in appropriate culture medium after cell adhesion, allowing in-vivo live assays, e.g. with a multiphoton or laserscan microscope.
At present, there is no evidence of any preferential cell type binding in heterogenous cellular material.

Dimensions: L 75 mm × W 25 mm, dikte 1 mm.

ROTI®Bond adhesion slides 50 and 100 are delivered in ROTILABO®-slide boxes.

Adhesion Slides ROTI®Bond 

Brand comparison of efficient cell immobilisation.
1800 murine myeloma cells in 30 µl PBS were applied to each slide.
Cells were counted after full immunohistochemical assay including alkali treatment (70 mM NaOH, 150 mM NaCl, 40% ethanol, 5 min, RT) and DAPI-counterstaining of the remaining nuclei.

A: Other adhesion slide,
B: ROTI®Bond Adhesion Slide,
C: Recovery rate in percent (I and II: other adhesion slides, III: ROTI®Bond)

Adhesion Slides ROTI®Bond
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