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EdU Click HTS 2-555

ROTI®kit for High Throughput Screening
For fast and specific detection of cell proliferation in High Throughput Screening.
Marker: 5-TAMRA-PEG3-AzidAbs. = 546 nm, λEm.= 579 nm)
For 200 reactions or 2 x 96 well plates.

EdU Click HTS 2-555
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Storage temp.: see below, room temp./+4 °C
Transport temp.: cooled
UN-Nr. 3082

  • Highly reliable
  • Easy to perform
  • Fast detection procedure (only 30 min)
  • Mild conditions (no DNA denaturation required)
  • Modular system due to click chemistry
  • Compatible with various dyes and readouts
  • Compatible with multiplexing
  • No cytotoxicity up to 1 mM EdU

The ROTI®kits for High Throughput Screening allow the measurement of DNA synthesis adherent cells in 96-well plate format. Similar to BrdU assays, our assays utilise a uracil derivative (in this case ethynyldeoxyuridine, EdU) which is incorporated into the replicating DNA. EdU is not detected via antibodies; instead fluorescent dyes are coupled directly via click reaction. This fast and elegant approach allows for direct labelling of replicating DNA with the desired fluorescent dye. Thus, the assay is perfectly adaptable to the present facilities. Furthermore, the click reaction is highly selective and therefore prevents any unspecific labelling. The protocol includes only few steps and decreases the total amount of time.

Figure: HeLa cells incubated without and with 10 µM EdU for 2, 4 or 6 h in 96 well plate. EdU incorporation was detected over time and for different cell numbers using a fluorescence plate reader.

Control: Without EdU no fluorescence was detected after 6 h incubation time.

Figure: Fluorescence imaging of 2 wells: Well C9 incubated for 6 h with EdU; Well G9: Incubation without EdU.

The number at the end of the product name specifies the wavelength at which the included fluorescent marker is optimally excited.

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Uwaga H315-H319-H411-EUH031

EdU Click HTS 2-555

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Informacje techniczne

20x EdU2 ml
5-TAMRA-PEG3-Azide (10 mM in DMSO)130 µl
Reaction Buffer20 ml
Catalyst Solution1 ml
Buffer Additive200 mg
Rinse Buffer6 ml
Store at +4 °C (20x EdU, 5-TAMRA-PEG3-Azide, Catalyst Solution); room temp. (Reaction Buffer, Buffer Additive, Rinse Buffer)

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