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Roti®-MagBeads Protein A

10 mg/ml, ready-to-use, for biochemistry
Magnetic silica gel beads for binding and isolation of immunoglobulins.

Roti<sup>®</sup>-MagBeads Protein A
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Storage temp.: +4 °C

  • Easy and standardized handling
  • High affinity for Fc domains of a variety of species
  • Well suited for isolation from small samples
  • For purification of immunoglobulins and for immunoassays

Roti®-MagBeads Protein A is a matrix for simple and efficient isolation of immunoglobulins as well as a carrier for all sorts of immunoassays like immunoprecipitation, ELISA, protein-protein interaction assays. Protein A forms reversible complexes with several immunoglobulin subclasses from the following species: human (except IgG1), mouse (except IgG1), guinea pig, rabbit, hamster, pig.

The magnetic properties enable easy and quick washing steps, allowing one purification to take place in approx. 10 mins. The small bead size of 1 µm in average provides a large surface with excellent binding capacities. Handling is easy and identical to standardized protocols for beads of other suppliers, providing easy establishment of the assays. The absence of excess protein A ensures specific binding to the beads and low loss of probes. Results are well reproducible with high recovery rates.

The Matrix of Roti®-MagBeads Protein A consists of uniform, super-paramagnetic silica beads coated with covalently coupled protein A (42 kDa) isolated from Staphylococcus aureus. In those beads, nanometer-sized particles of magnetic iron(II/III)oxide are embedded in silicium oxide, resulting in high magnetic mobility. The surface is made from pure protein A coated silicium oxide.

Well suited for automated and manual applications.

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Roti®-MagBeads Protein A

Dostępność produktów Nr kat. Op. Opakowanie Cena Ilość Wybierz opcję
Produkt niedostępny HP59.2 50 µl plastic 16,90 € -
Produkt niedostępny HP59.1 1 ml plastic 175,00 € -
Produkt dostępny z magazynu Produkt dostępny krótkoterminowo Produkt niedostępny
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Informacje techniczne

Type analysis:
Concentration10 ±0,5 mg/ml
Size distribution0,7-1,4 µm
Mean particle sizing (CI90 %)1,0 ±0,05 µm
Bead number6-12 x 109 Beads/ml
Magnetic iron content≥50 %
Suspension in PBS (pH 7,4); 0,05 % sodium azide

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