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Roti®-Mark BI-PINK

Protein marker, prestained
Size range: 10-175 kD
Number of protein bands: 11
Number of lanes/ml: approx. 200 (mini gels)

Roti<sup>®</sup>-Mark BI-PINK
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Storage temp.: -20 °C
Transport temp.: room temp.

Protein marker including bicolour-prestained proteins of 10 up to 175 kD. In order to visualise separation during the gel run and for better orientation in the gel, three proteins of approx. 10, 40 and 90 kD have been prestained in blue in addition to the pink coloured bands. All proteins excel by having a very even running behaviour and form distinct bands. The marker is designed as ready-to-use solution for direct application to the gel.

Please note: Reliable size determination of proteins cannot be performed using prestained markers. For this, we recommend the use of our unstained marker Roti®-Mark 10-150 PLUS (Art. No. X879) with one prestained protein.

Fig.: 15 % SDS-PAGE (Tris)

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Roti®-Mark BI-PINK

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