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Roti®-Quant universal

For protein quantitation (PCA enhanced Biuret reaction). High tolerance against detergents, salts and alcohols.

Roti<sup>®</sup>-Quant universal
Density (D) 1,37
Storage temp.: +20 °C
UN-Nr. 3082

  • Equals the well-known BCA assay
  • Very easy to handle
  • Highly sensitive measurement up to 0.5 µg protein
  • Linear measuring range from 0.5 to 200 µg protein
  • Can be used in 1-ml-scales and in microtiter plates (can be automated)
  • Measurement with standard filters (492 nm wave length) or at 503 nm wave length
  • Accelerated reaction and increased sensitivity in mild heat

Colorimetric test for detecting and quantifying soluble proteins. The special reagent formula effects a high tolerance against interfering factors such as detergents, alcohol and buffer salts, thus making the kit a universal tool for measuring proteins in almost every solution.

The basic mechanism, a PCA enhanced Biuret reaction, is identical with the one used for the well known BCA protein assay. Its result, however, is a bright blue colour which may be measured with standard filters of approx. 500 nm wave length.

Fig. A: Roti®-Quant universal, standard curve with BSA (bovine serum
albumin). Blank-value corrected. Measurement of 100 µl each protein

Fig. B: Independence of Roti®-Quant-universal-assay of detergents and other additives, examples. Blank-value corrected. Measurement of 100 µl each protein solution.

(With kind permission of Dr. Angelika Böttger, Zoological Institute, Ludwig-Maximilians-University Munich)


Roti®-Quant universal is based on a biuret reaction in combination with a highly specific colorimetric enhancer reaction. The Cu++ ions of reagent 2 are reduced to Cu+ ions in the alkaline reaction media of the test. The colour development of the copper-specific enhancer reaction is directly proportional to the concentration of the protein which is present. The resulting purple-coloured copper complex exhibits a strong light absorption with a maximum of 503 nm, although the wide maximum of the absorption curve also permits highly sensitive and no-loss measurements at 492 nm. The reaction does not form a true end point measurement: the colour develops slowly at room temperature, this, however, can be accelerated in heat. High sensitivity, therefore, can be achieved even after a short time.

Fig. D: Independence of Roti®-Quant-universal assay of SDS. Microassay in microtiterplates (60 min, 37 °C).

The kit contains:
500/200 ml Roti®-Quant universal reagent 1 (Art. No. 0118) and 40/16 ml Roti®-Quant universal reagent 2 (Art. No. 0119), adequate for 500/200 preparations in photometer cuvettes or 5000/2000 preparations in microtiter plates.
Contents of this Kit may not be bought separately.

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Niebezpieczeństwo H315-H318-H411

Roti®-Quant universal

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