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Roti®-Quick kit

for molecular biology
For RNA-isolation from cells and tissues.
The Roti®-Quick Kit is sufficient for 20 isolations from 0,2 g tissue each.

Roti<sup>®</sup>-Quick kit
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Storage temp.: +4 °C
ADR 3 (6.1) II • WGK 3
UN-Nr. 1992

  • Easy, most versatile application
  • High recovery rate of intact, very pure total RNA
  • Column-free two-step isolation
  • Applicable on nearly any tissue type

Column-free, ultra-flexible isolation system designed for reliable isolation of total RNA from almost any tissue. The Roti®-Quick Kit is suitable for use with cell culture material, biopsies, high-fat or high-protein tissue, blood (Üçeyler et al. Neurology (2007) 69:42-9), solid plant material, mitochondria (Backert et al. Plant Molecular Biology (1997) 33:1037-50), mycoplasms (Weiner et al. Nucleic Acids Res. (2000) 28:4488-96) and many more. The kit can be used for both fresh tissue and frozen material.

The Roti®-Quick Kit is based on the GITC isolation method by Chomczynski and Sacchi (Chomczynski and Sacchi. (1987) Anal. Biochem. 162:156) and includes three optimised ready-to-use solutions that were developed by molecular biologists and have proven effective for many years.

After the tissue has been homogenised, the RNA is purified in a single step and isolated by precipitation. Each isolation takes approximately 2,5 hours, and multiple isolations can easily be performed simultaneously. The incubation and centrifuging steps take about 2 hours. Preparation as given in the instruction-for-use is optimised for RNA isolation from approx. 0,2 g of tissue or cell material. The amount of material isolated per batch may easily be up- or downscaled to larger or smaller amounts of tissue.

The isolated total RNA is highly pure and may be used directly for all common down-stream applications, such as RT-PCR, Northern blotting and reverse transcription. Detailed instructions-for-use are enclosed with each kit.

This Kit contains:

Roti®-Quick Kit 1 (Art. No. A976), Roti®-Quick Kit 2 (Art. No. A977), and Roti®-Quick Kit 3 (Art. No. A978). Contents of this Kit may not be bought separately.

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Roti®-Quick kit

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