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ROTI®kits for DNA labelling

ROTI<sup>®</sup>kits for DNA labelling
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For DNA labelling assays.

Store at +4 °C (20x EdU, Azide, Catalyst Solution);
room temp. (Reaction Buffer, Buffer Additive, Rinse Buffer)

Transport temp.: cooled

  • Highly reliable
  • Easy to perform
  • Fast detection procedure (only 30 min)
  • Mild conditions (no DNA denaturation required)
  • Modular system due to click chemistry
  • Compatible with various dyes and readouts

The ROTI®kits for DNA Labelling provide an easy-to-use tool for quick labelling of oligonucleotides. For this purpose, fluorescent dyes are coupled via click reaction with uracil derivatives (mostly ethinyldeoxyuridine, EdU) which are present in the DNA. This fast and elegant approach allows for direct labelling of DNA fragments with the desired fluorescent dye. Thus, the assay is perfectly adaptable to the present facilities and to the assay situation (e.g. for double or triple detection). The protocol includes only three steps and is quick and easy to perform:

Oligonucleotides not included.

The end of the product name specifies the included fluorescent marker.

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