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Rotiphorese® PROfessional runVIEW Base

Rotiphorese<sup>® </sup>PROfessional runVIEW Base

Base station for real-time electrophoresis, complete for unit PROfessional III.

  • Combination of power supply and blue light illuminator
  • Special lid for detection of green fluorescent dyes

A special lid for red fluorescent dyes (Art. No. 8549.1) is also available.

Technical data base station:

Wave length (excitation)470 nm (blue)
Voltage (V)25-150 (resolution 1 V)
Max. intensity of current (mA)300 mA (resolution 1 mA)
Max. output30 W
Timer1-999 min. (alarm)
DisplayLED display
Output typeConstant V or mA
Outlets (parallel socket pairs)1 (4 mm)
Safety"no load" detection
Ambient temperature15-40 °C
Dimensions (cm)22 x 29,3 x 8 cm
Weight2,6 kg
Rated voltage100-240 V

Delivery incl. power supply with blue light illuminator, power cord, special lid with integrated spectral emission filter for green fluorescence, suitable for electrophoresis unit PROfessional III (Art. No. 2850.1).

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Rotiphorese® PROfessional runVIEW Base

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