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Rotiphorese® Unit PROclamp MINI Wide

  By Cleaver Scientific.

Rotiphorese<sup>®</sup> Unit PROclamp MINI Wide

Glass plates (w x l): 20 x 10 cm

Max. sample capacity per gel: 48

Buffer volume (upper / lower tank): 250 / 600 ml

Unit dimensions (w x l x h): 26 x 16 x 16 cm

  • For vertical electrophoresis of wide mini gels (20 x 10 cm)
  • Double electrophoresis unit - for running of 4 gels in parallel
  • Up to 48 samples per gel (capacity equivalent to 2 mini gels)
  • Innovative new wave-screw-clamp technology
  • Effective buffer cooling independent of running water or chillers
  • Extensive range of accessories available, combs of the PROclamp MAXI and spacers of the PROclamp MINI unit are compatible

Delivery incl.: 1 vertical electrophoresis unit consisting of buffer tank, safety lid incl. 2 cables (4 mm plugs), running module, gel cooling pack. For the run of 3 or 4 gels, please additionally order PROclamp MINI Wide notched glass plates with fixed spacers, thickness 1 mm (Art. No. 1427.1) and suitable combs, e.g. Art. No. 5957.1.

Additionally included: 2 standard glass plates with fixed spacers (thickness 1 mm), 2 notched glass plates, 1 dummy plate (for run of one gel only), 2 combs (thickness 1 mm, 24 wells), 4 yellow wave-clamps for electrophoresis of 3 or 4 gels (substitute green clamps), 1 gel casting module.

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Rotiphorese® Unit PROclamp MINI Wide

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