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DAB Metal Enhancer

ready-to-use, for immunochemistry
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Pack Qty.
Enhancer solution, Metal enhancer
Density (D) 1 g/cm³
Storage temp. +15 to +25 °C
Transport temp. ambient temp.

For enhancement of HRP signals on blot membranes and slides.
One bottle of 100 ml is sufficient for enhancement of approx. 10 minigel blots or 100 slides.

DAB metal enhancer is used to enhance the signal strength in peroxidase (HRP) detections and to mod ...
Szczegóły dotyczące produktu
Type analysis

93,90 €/op. 

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Nr kat. 9204.1

Dostępny z magazynu w Karlsruhe
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Szczegóły dotyczące produktu

DAB metal enhancer is used to enhance the signal strength in peroxidase (HRP) detections and to modify the signal colour from brown to purplish gray. Applications include all immunochemical assays like immunohistochemistry and -cytochemistry as well as Western blotting, but DAB metal enhancer may also well be used during in situ hybridization.

DAB Metal Enhancer ready-to-use, for immunochemistry

When the DAB metal enhancer is applied, the sensitivity of DAB staining is about two times higher than with DAB alone.

Figure: Immunohistochemical staining of mouse small intestines with an anti-PCNA antibody. Minuscules: pure DAB substrate, capitals: detection supplemented by DAB enhancer (A: NiCl2, B: DAB Metal Enhancer, Art. No. 9204).
A/a: Basic method using 0.6 mg/ml DAB in Tris-buffer.
B/b: Detection performed with the ROTI®DAB Kit.

Directions for use

For application, the DAB substrate components and buffer reagents (for instance ROTI®DAB-Kit, Art. No. 9202) are simply diluted in DAB metal enhancer instead of water.
The purplish gray precipitate resulting from the staining reaction can be detected in visible light and does not bleach during long-term storage. Since it is insoluble in aqueous and organic solvents, slides may be permanently mounted in hydrophilic, or, after dehydration, in hydrophobic mounting medium.

Figure 1: Dot blot of a HRP conjugated antibody (400, 200, 100, 50 and 25 pg).
CR/cr: Detection using ROTI®DAB Kit
A-e: Detection using kits and DAB substrates from other suppliers
CR: Detection under supplementation with DAB Metal Enhancer
A: Detection under supplementation with NiCl2

DAB Metal Enhancer
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9204.1 100 ml plastic 93,90 €
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