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Incubator INplus series models, 53 l, INplus 55

Producent Memmert
Operating temperature

1.971,00 €/op. 

plus VAT | 1 unit(s) za op.

Nr kat. TY39.1

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od 6 op. 1.872,45 €/op.
od 24 op. 1.773,90 €/op.
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Szczegóły dotyczące produktu

General features:
  • Operating temperature range from 5 °C above room temperature to 80 °C
    Set temperatures from 20 to 80 °C
    Adjustment accuracy 0.1 K
  • Stainless steel interior (1.4301)
  • Fully insulated stainless steel door (two-wing from size 450 upwards)
  • With additional inner glass door
  • Fresh air supply by electronically adjustable exhaust air flap
  • Textured stainless steel housing
  • Model sizes 450 and 750, with moveable and lockable rollers
  • Depth plus door handle: 56 mm
  • Incl. factory calibration certificate valid for +37 °C

Other features:
  • With natural air circulation (convection)
  • German, English, French and Spanish language options
  • Digital timer (adjustable from 1 min to 99 d, 23 h) or continuous operation
  • "SetpointWAIT" function – process time does not start until the target temperature is reached

Incubator INplus series models 

  • Two graphical TFT displays with touchscreen for operation and displaying temperature, program runtime, air damper position and graphical display of temperature distribution
  • Integrated data logger with 10-year memory
  • Display of recorded log data (max. 10,000 values correspond to approx. one week) directly on the device
  • Application-specific correction of the heat output distribution between the upper and lower heating groups within an adjustment range from -50% to +50%
  • With Ethernet communication port for log data readout as well as for transmitting and launching programs and online logging
  • With sterilisation program: Four-hour program at 160 °C for sterilisation of the interior, incl. all fittings and sensors
  • USB port for installing programs and reading out the data logger incl. software (to create ramp programs and weekly programs)
  • Definition of individual min./max. values for protection against excessive/insufficient temperatures

Delivery incl. Stainless steel grating (models 30 and 55: One grate, models 75 to 750: Two grates). Please note: Additional transport costs apply for delivery to the place of use. We will be happy to inform you of these on request.
Informacje techniczne
Type INplus 55 
Volume 53 l
Operating temperature From +5 °C above room temperature to +80 °C 
Inner width 400 mm
Inner depth 330 mm
Inner height 400 mm
Outer width 585 mm
Outer depth 514 mm
Outer height 787 mm
Max. removable shelves
Rated power 1000 W
Temporal temperature variance <±0,05 °C
Spatial temperature deviation <±0,7 °C
Weight 55 kg
Mains connection 230 V, 50/60 Hz 
Incubator INplus series models
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Nr kat. Volume Operating temperature Type Op. Cena Ilość
TY39.1 53 l From +5 °C above room temperature to +80 °C INplus 55 1 unit(s) 1.971,00 €
TY44.1 449 l From +5 °C above room temperature to +80 °C INplus 450 1 unit(s) 4.934,00 €
TY40.1 74 l From +5 °C above room temperature to +80 °C INplus 75 1 unit(s) 2.224,00 €
TY38.1 32 l From +5 °C above room temperature to +80 °C INplus 30 1 unit(s) 1.747,00 €
TY45.1 749 l From +5 °C above room temperature to +80 °C INplus 750 1 unit(s) 6.467,00 €
TY41.1 108 l From +5 °C above room temperature to +80 °C INplus 110 1 unit(s) 2.498,00 €
TY42.1 161 l From +5 °C above room temperature to +80 °C INplus 160 1 unit(s) 3.116,00 €
TY43.1 256 l From +5 °C above room temperature to +80 °C INplus 260 1 unit(s) 3.795,00 €
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