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IPTG, 250 mg, glass

≥99 %, BioScience Grade, dioxane-free, animal-free
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Empirical formula C9H18O5S
Molar mass (M) 238,30 g/mol
Flash point (flp) >110 °C
Melting point (mp) 114 °C
Storage temp. -20 °C
Transport temp. ambient temp.
CAS No. [367-93-1]
EG-Nr. 206-703-0

For molecular biology.
Stock solution: 0,5 M (1 g / 8,4 ml) in water (sterilise through 0,2 μm filter)

Lactose analogon. Glucose-galactose-disaccharide. lac-promotor is induced by IPTG via inhibit ...
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Szczegóły dotyczące produktu

IPTG ≥99 %, BioScience Grade, dioxane-free, animal-free

Lactose analogon. Glucose-galactose-disaccharide. lac-promotor is induced by IPTG via inhibition of lac-repressor. Recommended for induction of lac-regulated vectors in expression assays, for instance blue-/white selection of recombinant E. coli, in bench-top as well as in production scale.


Being a galacto pyranoside, IPTG inhibits the lac repressor, therefore leading to the induction the lac promotor. Subsequently, using the plasmid as matrix the C-terminal 146 amino acid fragment of the bacterial β-galactosidase is expressed, which functions as so called α-donor and complements the C-terminally deleted bacterial β-galactosidase. The then functional β-galactosidase restricts the galactoside X-Gal, resulting in a blue-coloured dye - therefore, these lac+ clones are coloured dark blue. Since the C-terminal part of the α-donor is located upstream and the N-terminal part is located downstream of the multi cloning site of the plasmid, inserted DNA normally leads to frame shift or at least to major chain elongation, resulting in an unfunctional α-donor and no functional galactosidase - recombinant clones are white. The appearance of light blue clones either results form very short insertions or from the fact that in some plasmids the C-terminal fragment cloned upstream of the MCS is sufficient for α-complementation and restriction of a small amount of X-Gal.

Directions for use

Stock solution: 0,5 M (1 g / 8,4 ml) in water (sterilise through 0,2 µm filter).
Final concentration in agar plates: 0,2 mM (add after autoclaving and cooling medium).
Final concentration in induction medium: 2 mM.

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2316.2 1 g glass 43,50 €
2316.3 5 g glass 124,50 €
2316.4 25 g plastic 409,00 €
2316.5 100 g plastic 939,00 €
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Guarantee analysis

Appearancealmost white cryst. powder  
Assay (HPLC)≥99 %  
Water (KF)≤1,0 %  
pH value (5 % in H2O)5,0-7,0  
Solution (5 % in H2O)almost clear, colourless  
Specific rotation [α]a (c=1 in H2O)-34,5° to -28,5°  
Dioxane contentnot detected  

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