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ROTI®elution Tubes MEGA, 8 kDa, 10 unit(s), 20 ml

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RNase-free, DNase-free and proteinase-free, free of PCR products.

For gel elution ...
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plus VAT | 10 unit(s) za op.

Nr kat. 9394.2

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Szczegóły dotyczące produktu

RNase-free, DNase-free and proteinase-free, free of PCR products.

For gel elution and purification of DNA/RNA and proteins.

  • Ultrapure
  • Easy-to-handle
  • Very gentle process
  • Typical recovery rate of >95%
  • Suitable for elution from agarose and PAGE
  • Suitable for dialysis of biomolecules
  • Suitable for oligoncleotides, dsDNA, ssDNA, RNA, proteins and protein/nucleic acid complexes
  • Compatibel with all popular electrophoresis units

Easy-to-handle system for gel elution and purification of DNA/RNA and proteins in solution (electro elution).

This very gentle method guarantees the non-disruptive purification of high-molecular or genomic DNA as well as of native protein complexes and long peptides. Using membranes of low MWCO, elution of very small DNA fragments is possible, making the tubes a very useful tool for the efficient desalting of primers within 60-100 min as well as for purification of siRNA (ss or duplexes).

ROTI®elution tubes are suitable for elution of ssDNA (≥20 nt), dsDNA (15 bp-100 kb), RNA of each size, proteins of each size, and of protein/nucleic acid complexes. The tubes may be applied to elution procedures from agarose- and polyacrylamide gels, as well as to all popular electrophoresis units. Used in floating racks, they are ideal for the purification of DNA, RNA or proteins by means of dialysis.

All ROTI®elutions tubes are free of DNase, RNase, Proteinase and PCR products. All membranes are made from regenerated cellulose and can thus be exposed to a pH range of 2-12, to a temperature of +60 °C, and also to a variety of organic solvents. Additionally, the membranes are free of sulphate and heavy metals and were treated with EDTA. Hence, macromolecules (like proteins or nucleic acids) or other biological particles may be eluted and dialysed in native conformation, and are very well suited for subsequent activity tests.

Directions for use

ROTI®elution tubes are very easy to handle, and therefore can be used in both individual tests and high-throughput applications. Thanks to the screw cap, the vials are easy to open, can easily be filled with gel slices and buffer and can be securely sealed.

The practical elution vial holder has sufficient stability for safe use in electrophoresis cell. Under current flow, the DNA/RNA/protein molecules initially migrate from the gel slice until they are halted by the dialysis membrane. By briefly reversing the polarity of the electrical field, the molecules can be separated from the membrane and pipetted out of the tube together with the buffer. By carefully selecting the tube and the amount of buffer, it is in many cases possible to achieve a high concentration directly within the elution buffer. The buffer can then easily be concentrated by using the usual methods (e.g. precipitation).

ROTI®elution tubes with MWCO 1, 25 and 50 kDa are wet packed in stabilising solution (25 % ethanol, 2 mM EDTA) and should stored under refrigeration. All other elution vials are dry packed and can be stored at room temperature.

The classification below refers only to Art. Nos. marked *.

ROTI®elution Tubes MEGA 
Application examples

Purification of DNA and proteins from gels, elution of genomic DNA or total RNA, preparation of DNA fragments prior to cloning, purification of siRNA for RNAi assays, purification/desalting of oligonucleotides/primers, purification of RNA or DNA for transfection or transformation, desalting or buffer change of protein solutions.

Please order the respective ROTI®elution Tube Tray separately.

Informacje techniczne
MWCO 8  kDa
Suitable for preparative gels  
Delivery form Dry  
Additional info Recommended storage temperature for dry elution tubes: +15-25 °C; for elution tubes in solution: +4 °C  
Type MEGA 8/20  
Volume to 20  ml
ROTI®elution Tubes MEGA
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9394.2 8 kDa 10 unit(s) 129,90 €
9390.1 8 kDa 1 unit(s) 18,50 €
9396.2 14 kDa 10 unit(s) 129,90 €
9371.1 3,5 kDa 1 unit(s) 18,50 €
9371.2 3,5 kDa 10 unit(s) 129,90 €
9396.1 14 kDa 1 unit(s) 18,50 €
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