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ROTI®GelStain Red, 1 ml, 1 x 1 ml

ready-to-use, DNAse-free, RNAse-free, for electrophoresis
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Ethidium bromide substitutes
Storage temp. +4 °C

Red fluorescent staining reagent for non-toxic staining of nucleic acids in agarose and polyacrylamide gels.
1 ml is sufficient for staining of approx. 600 minigels with 30 ml agarose volume each.

Non-toxic and non-carcinogenic dyes for fluorescent staining of nucleic acids in agarose gels. Highl ...
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Type analysis
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Nr kat. 0984.1

Dostępny z magazynu w Karlsruhe
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Szczegóły dotyczące produktu

Non-toxic and non-carcinogenic dyes for fluorescent staining of nucleic acids in agarose gels. Highly sensitive and applied just like ethidium bromide.

The ROTI®GelStain dyes are used as additives to the gel solution and the running buffer,partly also post-run staining is possible Both ROTI®GelStain dyes can be excited by UV light, additionally, ROTI®GelStain Red may be excited by blue light. Resulting signals may be detected by ethidium bromide broadband photo filters.

ROTI®GelStain Red ready-to-use, DNAse-free, RNAse-free, for electrophoresis

ROTI®-GelStain Red is a new, versatile staining reagent for detection of all nucleic acids in agarose and polyacrylamide gels.
Suitable for staining of dsDNA, ssDNA and RNA.

  • Red fluorescence
  • Alternative to ethidium bromide, non-toxic, non-mutagen
  • Detection of > 0.3 ng nucleic acid per band
  • Usuable with the same filters as ethidium bromide
  • Excitation via UV light (310 nm) and blue light (540 nm)
  • Compatible with all usual down-stream applications

ROTI®-GelStain Red is a new designed red fluorescent dye that can be used like ethidium bromide for staining in gel (addition to gel solution). Due to the low membrane permeability of the dye ROTI®-GelStain Red is non-mutagenic and non-toxic. It is suitable for staining of dsDNA, ssDNA and RNA.
ROTI®-GelStain detects up to 0,3 ng/mm2 nucleic acid, i.e. below 0,1 ng per band, and is, therefore, more sensitive than ethidium bromide.
Bound to nucleic acid it emits a brightly red fluorescence that can be documented by all usual ethidium bromide foto filters. ROTI®-GelStain Red is compatible with all usual down-stream applications.


Excitation maximum (bound to DNA): approx.310 nm and 540 nm
Emission maximum (bound to DNA): 630 nm

ROTI®GelStain Red
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0984.1 1 ml plastic 1 x 1 ml 78,30 €
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Type analysis

Appearancered, transparent liquid, no precipitation  
Staining of DNA in agarose gelscomplies  
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