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ROTI®Blue, 1 l

5x conc.
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Przykłady działania: korodują metale i działają żrąco na tkanki ciała; możliwe poważne uszkodzenie oczu. Bezpieczeństwo: unikać kontaktu; nosić okulary ochronne i rękawice. Przemyć wodą w razie kontaktu z oczami i skórą.
i may be corrosive to metals
P234 P390 P406
i keep only in original packaging, absorb spillage to prevent material damage, store in a corrosion-resistant container with a resistant inner liner
Pack Qty.
Coomassie®-Staining solution
Density (D) 1,24 g/cm³
Storage temp. +15 to +25 °C
Transport temp. ambient temp.
UN-Nr. 1805

Colloidal Coomassie® staining solution for protein gels.
1 l concentrated solution is sufficient for approx. 50 mini gels.

ROTI®Blue is a colloidal Coomassie® brilliant blue G250 staining agent ...
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Type analysis

89,90 €/op. 

plus VAT | 1 l za op.

Nr kat. A152.1

Dostępny z magazynu w Karlsruhe
Szybka, prosta i niezawodna dostawa.
od 6 op. 85,40 €/op.
od 24 op. 80,91 €/op.
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Szczegóły dotyczące produktu

ROTI®Blue 5x conc.

ROTI®Blue is a colloidal Coomassie® brilliant blue G250 staining agent for proteins in polyacrylamid gels. Its colloidal features enable the staining agent to be bound to the proteins with high specificity and only minimally to the gel matrix. There is no longer any need for the extensive washing steps for background decoloring.

  • Most simple application
  • No destaining necessary
  • 5x more sensitive than Coomassie® R250
A: Horizontal IEF for determination of wheat-varieties.
With kind permission of R. Knoblauch, LTZ Referat 23, Karlsruhe
B: SDS-PAGE ROTI®Mark Standard.

ROTI®Blue is approximately 5 x more sensitive than standard Coomassie® staining solutions. Staining time takes 2 to 12 hours depending on the desired band intensity.
Due to the fact that proteins may be stained without fixing the gel, membrane transfer and gel elution are still possible following staining.
Particularly well suited for staining prior to MS-analyses (e.g. MALDI) and prior to gel elution.

Informacje techniczne
Sensitivity 10  
Use Coomassie® staining solution for colloidal staining of proteins. Destaining not required. Non-fixing staining for protein gel elution possible. Proteomics-compatible.  
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Nr kat. Pack Qty. Pack. Cena Ilość
A152.1 1 l plastic 89,90 €
A152.2 250 ml plastic 30,90 €
Dostępny z magazynu w Karlsruhe
Dostępny krótkoterminowo
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Type analysis

Appearancedark blue, colloidale solution  
pH-value1 - 4