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Centrifugation Units ROTI®Spin, MINI-3


For purification and concentration of biomolecules and for purification of solutions.
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Nr kat. CL12.1

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Szczegóły dotyczące produktu

For purification and concentration of biomolecules and for purification of solutions.

  • Applicable for nucleic acids, proteins/peptides, other biomolecules >6 kDa and very small bioparticles
  • Can be used to replace standard techniques like precipitation, dialysis, gel filtration, gel purification, column chromatography, gradient centrifugation etc.
  • Gentle: No shearing of DNA of up to 100 kb, proteins remain native and enzymatically active
  • Applicable for purification of all labelled probes (isotope-, fluorescent-, chromogenic labelling)
  • Very high recovery rates of >90% (when using devices of appropriate MWCO)

Centrifugal devices for ultrafiltration of biomolecules. The membranes made of highly chemical-resistant polyethersulfone have been tightly sealed to prevent leakage and loss of samples. Furthermore, the membranes underwent special treatment minimising the binding of biomolecules, in order to optimise sample recovery rates.

ROTI®Spin Centrifugal Devices can be applied to a variety of applications and can be used to replace tedious and labour-intensive methods like gel filtration, gel purification or precipitation. Application is time-saving and very simple - only few centrifugal steps are necessary to concentrate and recover your sample. During this, the sample remains untouched in the upper reservoir, and cross-contamination is efficiently prevented even when large numbers of samples are handled. Centrifugation can easily be performed in the cold room or at specially designated benches like isotope laboratories or in laminar flow hoods.

Application examples

Desalting or buffer exchange following restriction digest, PCR or such; separation of free nucleotides and polymerised DNA; removal of contaminating compounds (like DNA) from stock solutions (e.g. PCR-buffers); concentration of DNA or proteins; separation of proteins of different size; sample preparation prior to HPLC.

Centrifugation Units ROTI®Spin 
Directions for use

Sample volumes:
Maximum sample volume: ROTI®Spin MINI 50-500 µl
Final concentrate volume: ROTI®Spin MINI 15-20 µl

For convenient and successful application, centrifugal devices with membranes in 4 colour-coded molecular weight cut-offs (MWCO) are available. In order to choose the appropriate MWCO please use the following thumb-rule:
Centrifugation of proteins/peptides: MWCO ≤1/3 of sample molecule size.
Centrifugation of nucleic acids: MWCO ≤1/2 sample molecule size.

Informacje techniczne
Type MINI-3  
MWCO 3  kDa
Colour Grey  
Centrifugation Units ROTI®Spin
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CL12.1 25 unit(s) MINI-3 106,00 €
CL13.1 25 unit(s) MINI-10 106,00 €
CL14.1 25 unit(s) MINI-30 106,00 €
CL15.1 25 unit(s) MINI-100 106,00 €
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