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Ultrasonic cleaning unit Elmasonic EASY, 1.75 l, EASY 20

Producent Elma
Material: Stainless steel Housing, cleaning bath made of cavitation resistant stainless steel.

315,00 € /op.

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Nr kat. KHA5.1

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Szczegóły dotyczące produktu

Material: Stainless steel Housing, cleaning bath made of cavitation resistant stainless steel.

  • For simple cleaning tasks and sample preparation in laboratories
  • Permanent sweep function ensures even removal of contamination
  • Additional pulse function enables the ultrasonic power to be increased by up to 20 %
  • Continuous operation or brief operation adjustable between 1 and 30 minutes using the rotary switch
  • H-models with dry-run-safe heating
  • Temperature can be adjusted between 30 and 80 °C in 5 °C increments using the rotary switch (for H models)
  • Adjustable limit temperature with visual warning signal if it is exceeded
  • Automatic safety switch-off after 8 hours of continuous operation or when the bath temperature reaches 90 °C

Ultrasonic cleaning unit Elmasonic EASY 

Delivery incl. lid. Without basket, please order separately.
Informacje techniczne
Type EASY 20 
Volume 1,75 l
Outer length 176 mm
Outer width 176 mm
Outer height 219 mm
Inner tub length 137 mm
Inner tub width 123 mm
Inner tub height 99 mm
Operating frequency 37 kHz
Peak ultrasonic output 280 W
Effective HF power 35 W
Outlet valve No 
Weight 2,1 kg
Mains connection 220-240 V 
Ultrasonic cleaning unit Elmasonic EASY
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Nr kat. Volume Type Op. Cena Ilość
KHA3.1 0,8 l EASY 10 1 unit(s) 208,00 €
KHA4.1 0,8 l EASY 10H 1 unit(s) 260,00 €
KHA5.1 1,75 l EASY 20 1 unit(s) 252,00 €
KHA6.1 1,75 l EASY 20H 1 unit(s) 300,00 €
KHA7.1 2,75 l EASY 30H 1 unit(s) 324,00 €
KHA8.1 4,25 l EASY 40H 1 unit(s) 472,00 €
KHA9.1 5,75 l EASY 60H 1 unit(s) 556,00 €
KHC0.1 9,5 l EASY 100H 1 unit(s) 664,00 €
KHC1.1 12,75 l EASY 120H 1 unit(s) 856,00 €
KHC2.1 18 l EASY 180H 1 unit(s) 936,00 €
KHC3.1 28 l EASY 300H 1 unit(s) 1.176,00 €
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