061 - 712 11 60 (Switzerland)

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Address: Fabrikmattenweg 12, 4144 Arlesheim
P.O. Box: CH-4144 Arlesheim

Phone: 061-7121160
Telefax: 061-7122021

Email: info@carlroth.ch
Internet: www.carlroth.ch

The company is a public limited company with registered office in Arlesheim. Commercial register Basle-Land No. CH-280.3.915.553-1.

Roth will not accept liability for any damages incurred through using the program, in particular for any damages to property or assets, which are considered to be consequential damages, resulting directly or indirectly after using the program. Roth may also not be held liable for any damages which may incur due to incompatibility with other programs and/or program upgrading after incorrect installation.

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