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Environmental analysis

Environmental pollution and climate change are amongst the biggest global challenges of our time. So that we can combat these issues in the right locations, we need a precise analysis of the current situation and the measures to be taken to protect our planet. In doing so, the range and the degree of specialisation of the methods and techniques to be applied in particular are a significant challenge for modern laboratories.

Whether on a small scale for local projects, across regions or at international level – Carl ROTH has the right products for your environmental analysis applications, from sampling through to analysis.

Carl ROTH can help you to take action!

Soil/sludge test
Soil and sludge must be examined for the presence of potentially hazardous micro-organisms as well as organic and inorganic substances. Carl ROTH offers a range of solutions for evidencing micro-organisms, trace analysis and the analysis of further compounds.
As a subfield of chemical analysis, the qualitative and quantitative examination of substances is the focus of environmental analysis in particular. Chromatography is a central method here, which enables the separation, identification, quantitation and cleaning of components in a mixture. 

Whatever you need – Carl ROTH offers you an extensive range for a huge variety of chromatographic applications within the framework of environmental analysis.
Microbiological examination
Micro-organisms are an important factor in environmental analysis due to their great influence on the degradation of matter.

To get an overview of the variety of micro-organisms in a sample, a professional microbiological analysis is indispensable for reproducible, reliable results. This also allows actual quantification of the microbiological contamination and differential speciation analysis. 

For microbial analysis in your laboratory, Carl ROTH offers a wide range of all the necessary products – from glass containers to Petri dishes, from devices to pipettes and, of course, our high-quality dry culture media for professional analysis.
Sampling and sample preparation
Whether monitoring air, soils, sludge, water or waste water – every meaningful environmental analysis is based on reliable, reproducible sampling and high-class sample preparation, and requires high-quality equipment.

Prepare your sample with the right products for your application. Carl ROTH offers you the perfect equipment for all processes in sampling and sample preparation – from easy-to-use consumables to high-class chemicals. For the greatest possible flexibility and reproducible measurement results.
Reagents and reference material

Ready-to-use standards and reference materials from Carl ROTH form the perfect basis for the clear and reproducible interpretation of your results in environmental analysis. You thus simultaneously minimise effort when validating in the laboratory. 

Carl ROTH standards for IC, AAS and ICP are:

  • ISO 9001-certified
  • Manufactured according to ISO 17025
  • Can be traced back to NIST

Our tip: The ready-to-use standard solutions are ready-made and can be used in titration directly and without annoying preparation.

Cleaning and disinfection
In environmental monitoring, outstanding cleanliness is the basis of any reliable analysis – careful cleaning optionally followed by subsequent disinfection or sterilisation.

In this regard, both the regulations of the governing authorities as well as due diligence call for a high degree of product reliability. For this, we also offer the proven Carl ROTH quality through products from carefully selected manufacturers. 
Protective equipment and laboratory safety
In the analysis laboratory, you naturally place the greatest possible value on the security of data and the measuring accuracy of the analyses.

Environmental analysis in particular, however, also involves working with hazardous reagents or sampling in heavily polluted areas. 

We at Carl ROTH therefore also watch out for your personal safety – with an extensive portfolio of products for personal protective equipment (PPE) and laboratory safety.
Water/waste water test in particular
In Europe, the entire water cycle – surface water and groundwater, service water and waste water – is subject to legal regulations. The analysis of waters of all kinds is therefore an important focus of environmental analysis. At Carl ROTH, you will find high-quality products for a very wide range of analyses, from microscopy through the measuring of chemical/physical properties right up to microbiological analysis.