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Hygiene monitoring

In recent years, the prevention of infection, environmental, residential and communal hygiene have become very important even in day-to-day life. Today, hygiene monitoring equipment is installed, required and, in some cases, has already been prescribed by law in institutions, facilities and a variety of other areas. This includes medical facilities, the pharmaceutical industry and pharmacies, waterworks and swimming pools, sports facilities and schools, hotels, gastronomy and industrial kitchens, industries that use cooling towers, food retailing and production, and much more. 

The objective of hygiene monitoring is always to reduce the risk of contamination for people, the environment, products and processes to a minimum. Focuses here are cleaning and disinfecting surfaces, followed by monitoring the success of cleaning and decontamination.  

​​​​​​​Roth offers you a diverse range of products for hygiene monitoring, both for professional microbiological analysis and for quick and easy use by trained laypersons or for training and internships.

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Surface testing
ROTI®ContiPlateMicroorganisms and pathogens are ubiquitous in our environment and settle on every surface. Detecting microbiological contamination through the consistent  inspection of surfaces is essential for consumers, customers, patients and producers.

Sampling is one of the most important parts of surface monitoring, and there are now outstanding systems available to do this. Microbiological analysis is usually subsequently carried out through classical microbiological laboratory analysis. 

In order to thoroughly identify the contamination of objects, people or surfaces on-site, contact tests or swab tests are carried out, whereby different microorganisms can be detected according to culture medium. For this, we recommend our ROTI®ContiPlates and ROTI®DipSlides, as well as our ROTITEST® systems for swab tests and the Orion Clean Card® PRO system by amfora health care.
Testing of liquids
Microorganisms are ubiquitous in our environment and settle in almost every liquid. Only careful quality control in combination with consistent hygiene monitoring can protect consumers and producers from pathogenic germs and the associated damage and costs. A reliable inspection of liquids for microorganisms is therefore the most important part of monitoring, alongside cleaning and disinfection.
In our range, for water analysis (e.g. through membrane filtration), you will find 55 mm ROTI®Aquatest Plates, along with 90 mm ready-made agar dishes. We also offer contact paddles (ROTI®DipSlides) that can be used in accordance with VDI directive 2047 and 42. BImSchV for inspecting evaporating units, cooling towers and wet separators, or in accordance with VDI directive 6022 for inspecting ventilation and air-conditioning equipment. The detection of ATP using Lumitester/LuciPac® serves as a proven and highly sensitive method of inspecting cleanliness in accordance with the HACCP concept.
Microbiological analyses
Although there are now outstanding solutions available for thorough on-site examinations in industry, medicine and customer-oriented services, professional microbiological analysis remains the silver bullet for reproducible, robust results in hygiene monitoring. This also allows, in contrast to application-oriented ready-made culture media, actual quantification of the microbiological contamination and differential speciation analysis. 
For microbial analysis in a professional laboratory, Carl Roth offers a wide range of all the necessary products – from glass containers to Petri dishes, from devices to pipettes and, of course, our high-quality dry culture media for professional analysis.
Ready-Made Media
ROTI®DipSlidesCulture media are used in professional laboratories in order to save valuable time, as well as by users in production, services and medicine to thoroughly inspect hygiene levels and the success of hygiene measures on-site. 

Under this category, therefore, you will find both professional 60 mm and 90 mm ready-made plates that are used for microbiological analysis in the laboratory (e.g. for the membrane filtration method), and easily usable systems for trained laypersons without laboratory equipment. 

For quick on-site analysis, we primarily recommend our contact paddles (ROTI®DipSlides), which can be used for inspecting surfaces in the production and services sector as well as for monitoring refrigeration systems, wet separators and ventilation and air-conditioning equipment (VDI 2047, VDI 6022, 42. BImSchV).
Dry nutrient media
Despite the increasing importance of ready-made culture media, dry culture media continues to be the central component of all professional microbiological hygiene monitoring. Every conclusive positive result from an on-site analysis must be professionally investigated and defined differentially, and all regulations stipulate regular sample analyses in professional laboratories, in addition to in-house tests.
Thanks to high-quality raw materials, a long shelf life, large variety and formulation in accordance with relevant standards, our microbiological dry culture media provide an optimal foundation for reproducible, safe analyses – including for those of our customers who work within the framework of standardised legal guidelines.

Tip: Test our chromogenic culture media for quick and direct isolation of microorganisms.

Alongside monitoring, outstanding cleanliness is the basis of all hygiene management – careful cleaning optionally followed by subsequent disinfection or sterilisation.

In this regard, both the regulations of the governing authorities as well as due diligence call for a high degree of product reliability. For this, we also offer the proven Carl ROTH quality through products from carefully selected manufacturers. 

You can find notes on products in the context of COVID19 and SARS-CoV-2 research at "corona research"

The product environment is one of the most important microbiological contamination sources in a food-processing business. Environmental tests are therefore an important part of hygiene monitoring in food and animal feed production. 
Every conclusive microbiological analysis is based on a reliable, reproducible sample. For this, we offer you ready-made sampling systems with suitable culture medium, as well as – for maximum flexibility – dry sample containers for all facilities.